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Thanks for a terrific day!

Dublin’s first ever Mini Maker Faire was a massive success! Thanks so much to our infinitely creative makers and hardworking volunteers. We’ve had a great response from both participants and visitors and can’t wait til next years event! We have a few pictures from the even posted here, and please send along any that you […]

Meet The Maker: Build Brighton 1

Buildbrighton is a hackerspace from Brighton,  in the UK.  They will be bringing along a variety of group and individually created projects to showcase what can be done at your local hackspace . Their showcase project will be ‘Scalexercise’ – an experiment in fitness, using actual human power – via exercise bikes – to drive […]

Meet the Maker: Tarraing anáil

Tarraing anáil invites you to rethink the most natural of all tasks: breathing. Step into the darkness and become the composer of your very own personal sound and light show. This intensely intimate bodily function is amplified by a smart corset, that unlike other corsets, allows you to breathe fully. It is embedded with electronics […]

2012-07-03 15.27.57

Meet the Maker: Hooked

Carolyn Rutherford presents ‘Hooked,’ a crochet collection and workshop that will inspire the granny in you! Learn how to crochet at this wooly wonder workshop. Enter the ‘How Hot is Your Pot’ tea cosy design competition for the opportunity to win a Le Crousset Pot and to work with Hooked to crochet your unique design […]

Meet the Maker: TOG

Meet TOG, Dublin’s hackerspace. TOG will be showing off a wide range of electronic and craft projects on Saturday as well as running the “learn to solder” area. TOG is a hackerspace based in Dublin City Centre. It is a shared space where members can have a place to be creative and work on their projects in an […]

kids camera - low res

Meet the Maker: Sugru

We love Sugru. Sugru loves makers. Simple Check out the video below to find out what Sugru is all about. As an added bonus Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh the inventor of Sugru (which TIME Magazine named one of the 50 best inventions of 2010) will be giving a talk during the faire (4-5pm, in Paccar theatre, Science […]

Meet the Maker: ALMA

Alma is an ensemble of easy to play musical instruments, a piece of music, a group music project and a way for people of all ages and musical abilities to work together to create something they couldn’t do alone. Ed Devnane has been developing instruments and techniques since early 2012 for this project, which will […]

Meet the Maker: Storymaker

Check out the video below from the Storymaker team – creative technologist Duncan Gough ( and digital producer Leila Johnston ( These fun folk are interested in exploring the relationship between performance and technology. With puppets!!! Storymaker from leila johnston on Vimeo. “We’re turning the tables on the Faire – we want to get the visitors making. We’re […]

Drum build

Meet the Maker: Fuinneamh

How big do you like your drums? It is 14ft diameter or nothing for Dublin Mini Maker Faire. It is just how we roll. Luckily the talented maker Bounce has met our strangely exact dimensional whims. Here is a video of it being warming it up and body & soul ahead of July 14th. A 14ft diameter […]