Meet The Maker: Build Brighton 1

Buildbrighton is a hackerspace from Brighton,  in the UK.  They will be bringing along a variety of group and individually created projects to showcase what can be done at your local hackspace .

Their showcase project will be ‘Scalexercise’ – an experiment in fitness, using actual human power – via exercise bikes – to drive slot cars around a Scalextric track.  There will be fun and games along the way!

Build Brighton Hackspace is a 1300sqft communal workshop and collective of like minded people who love to build stuff with electronics, crafts, engineering and technology. The main purpose of the hackspace is to provide a space and tools with which our members can gather, beaver away on their own projects and take part in exciting group projects, in an playful and friendly environment.

Here’s a fun time-lapse of the hackspace being set-up. Hopefully it gives an idea of what we’re about.

We also promote maker-culture whenever possible, doing workshops at various festivals like White Night and Coastal Currents, and even organising our own events, like the huge Brighton Mini Maker Faire.


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