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22 Jul 2013

Meet The Maker: AnalysIR

Ever wondered what your Tv remote is doing ? or how it communicates with your TV. AnalyIR have taken this a whole new level. They are working on a feature rich IR analyzer & decoder for windows using an Arduino.

At maker faire they will be showing some cool demos of what you can do with IR.

  • IR to generate electricity
  • IR to reset Arduino with no Code
  • IR to wake an Arduino WoIR (Wake on IR) 
  • Inaugural World IR Games
  •  Seeing the invisible -Using iPhone & Android camera to check if TV remote is working
  • TV Remote Control Diagnosis & Repair Tips
  •  TV Remote Control Missing Battery Trick
  •  Long range TV remote Control Demo Using Optics

AnalysIR are running a crowding funding campaign at the moment to fund the future development of their great software.

19 Jul 2013

Meet the Maker: Donnacha Cahill

Donnacha Cahill is a sculptor from  Athenry in Co Galway who specialises  in metal. He will be giving a demo working with hot metal using a forge at this years Maker Faire.
By nature I like to make things. I don’t know why, life would be a lot easier and straight forward if I didn’t but I’m obsessed with making objects, whether they be abstract or representational. My art college lecturer once said to me it’s about leaving your mark. You could ask any dog on the street about this and he will tell you the same thing. Artists talk about mark making, I believe everybody achieves this in life, from someone driving a digger to an engineer planning a complicated structure; we all contribute in some way or other and leave reminders of what we did, no matter how insignificant. I’m armed with a welder, an iron worker, an anvil and lots of other things that create sparks and fire. This is how I make my mark that makes me who I am. I think a lot of my work is made subconsciously. Some things I can explain, some things I can’t. The object is how I communicate who I am, what I see, what interests me, what mood I’m in, and if I’m able to communicate this to other people, I feel a huge sense of satisfaction.
Donnacha Cahill
18 Jul 2013

Meet the Maker: Fabri-con

Fabri-con created by 3DDave at the start of 2013, Fbari-con is a group of people who own 3D printers or are interested in 3d printing. Every 3 month there is a meetup and the people bring their printers along to chat and show off their printers aswell as if there people who are having problems with their printer other members can help try and work out the bugs. Here are a few people that will be in Fabri-con demoing there printers and talking about what they do with them.

Michal Miszta
Architect, model maker, sculptor and customizer. His custom handmade models and figures can be seen on website. Now he is entering the world of animatronics with the help of his new tool – homemade 3d printer – Printrbot. Few prototype parts of his newly started project – robotic dragon inspired by “Game of Thrones” TV series will be shown in the Fabrication tent in 3d printers area. This project is at early stage and will be documented on new blog:

Gerard from IT Tallaght

We’ll be demonstrating the new Reprap built by students at  ITT Dublin and showing off biomedical parts built by our SLS system. We’ll also be going through the stories associated with each part. The shattered pelvis, the twisted spine, the new hip.Gerry Ryder will be demonstrating a new project for first year engineering students Evolutionary Bristle Bots. This will pitch students against each other in a competition to evolve a bristlebot to achieve different ‘Olympic’ events.

Shane Fitzpatrick
I will be showing off the Reprap Prusa talking about his own instruction he has made to put the Reprap Prusa together and talking about building the Mendel90.  I’ll have some printed parts for it by then.

I will be talking about all things 3d printing and demoing the ultimakers pop over and say Hi.

17 Jul 2013

Meet the Maker: The Bedroom Laboratory

We’re engineering geeks and proud to be so. Unfortunately we have been armchair geeks, looking at the unbelievable projects from the maker faires and hackadays of this world from a misty eyed distance saying “wow that project is cool!” We needed encouragement so we decided to setup the bedroom laboratory to get a group of us together to make interesting things.


Why the name? Well living in a small apartment, I think a lot of people can relate to squeezing soldering stations and tools into Lack furniture from Ikea (sponsor us!) in the corner of their rooms!

We love the idea of taking a group of different skills and bringing them together to make cool projects. There’s a good mix of hardware and software skills among us, which we used recently to win “the best in internets” award in the 2013 deconstruction.


For the Dublin Mini Maker Faire we will be showing our work, expanded from the deconstruction event, on making an open source home automation system. We’ll be looking at automating your lights, heating and even bagels using an array of different systems which will tie into a “home hub”. Come by our stall to check it out and say hi to our robot, Frankie.

15 Jul 2013

Makers List

We have published our list of makers for this year’s faire. We have all sorts this year. 3D Printers, Dancing Shoes, brewers, hackers, robots, lasers, inventors, storytellers, music makers, artists, crafts  . . . . . .

It’s a big list this year. We will be introducing some of them in more details with our Meet The Maker blog series.

15 Jul 2013

Tweet Tweet

We have created a number of twitter lists for this year’s faire.

Makers : All of this year’s makers.

Supporters : The groups and organisations that make the faire happen.

Sponsors : The companies that provide financial and in kind sponsorship for the faire. 

Partners : Our partner in crime for making Dublin experience science again. 

Organisers : The people that make the faire happen.

Our event Hashtag is #DMMF

12 Jul 2013

Meet the Maker: T-shock

T-shock (not to be confused with An Taoiseach) creates humorous, subversive designs with an Irish flavour. Some of these are just for fun and some appear on a range of products. T-shock produces Irish t-shirts, badges, posters and other stuff all of which are designed and printed in Ireland.

T-shock also provide a custom badge making service for organisations, events or any other kind of project. For the Dublin Mini Maker Faire T-shock will be showcasing badge-making and the offering you the chance to make your own badge.

Check out the video of a badge being made.

11 Jul 2013

Meet The Maker: Frankensteiny Shoes

Do you ever want to let your shoes do the walking ? Angie Duignan has created an interactive, automated pair of shoes. Using Arduino, servo motors and a photo sensor the interactive automated shoes are instilled with a sense of identity/personality through the use of movement. The shoes comes to life only through interaction from the public. On one level her creation  makes reference to the story ‘The Wizard of Oz’, however these shoes can no longer be worn and have no magical powers to transport the owner back home.  Oh Well.
Check out the video below of them in action.

10 Jul 2013

Meet the Maker: Layerlabz

Layerlabz  are an exciting new Irish Maker that offers 3D Printing services  as well as affordable 3D Printing Building workshops. Only starting this year Layerlabz has already helps lots of people build their own 3D printers. Check of the video below from their latest workshop.