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07 Dec 2012

Fab Studio Opens in Dublin

Fab Studio ( formally Fab Lab Dublin) have just opened their new studio on Dawson Street, Dublin 2. They will be offering 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC milling to everyone through a mail-order service. We love to see makers get more access to these kinds of great tools. Also in the new year they have plans to run 3D Drawing & Making classes. We hope this is the start of industrial level tools being available to the general public. For more information check out their website

20 Nov 2012

Maker Faire UK

Maker Faire UK is back this year after a one year hiatus. This faire is set to be the biggest maker event in all the UK this year.  The event hopes to have 300 makers and is a huge crowd drawer. It takes place on April 27/28 in Newcastle. They have opened their call for makers, which runs until Sunday 20 January  2013. What better way to get ready for Dublin Mini Maker Faire than applying to Maker Faire UK.

Please do leave a comment if you plan on going.

03 Nov 2012

Future of Making: Join the Conversation

Future of Making: Join the Conversation is an evening of curated talks. It is an opportunity for discussion between makers, designers and crafters. The talks will come from a wide range of groups Crafts Council of Ireland, FabLab Dublin, National College of Art & Design, Makeshop, Science Gallery, Tog  and Dublin Mini Makerfaire.

We plan to give a round up of this year’s faire and a sneck preview of some of our plans for next year.

Details of the Event:

Thursday 8th November @ 6pm – 8pm

Venue: Science Gallery, Dublin 2

Sign up required.

For more information download: FutureofMaking-JointheConversationFINAL

19 Oct 2012

We Want Your Feedback!

Hello our maker friends! There is no rest for the wicked is would seem. We  are already busy organising a bigger and better Dublin Mini Makerfaire for 2013 (ah we love it really!)
In order to help us know what worked and what didn’t this year, we need your help! If you attended the Faire, we would be delighted if you could take the time to fill out the following survey and let’s us know where we went right and where we went wrong.

It would be a big help to us and would help make the next Faire even more amazing!

07 Aug 2012

Dublin Mini Maker Faire 2012 Recap

Dublin Mini Maker Faire blew away all our expectations – and we hope you felt the same.  In the end, we had over 5,500 attendees between 10am and 6pm.  There were spaceships, robots, sugru and arduinos, crochet, submarines, and much more.  For a tiny snapshot of the day, here’s a video that sums up the experience pretty well.

There are loads more great videos and photos from the day that we’ll share.  But all this wouldn’t have been possible without the many helping hands of so many makers, volunteers, organisers, and sponsors.  So thank you to everyone who pitched in and helped out.

And a huge thank you to all our volunteers, especially all the Michigan State MAET Programme participants! Congratulations on your graduation, guys!

Plus here are many more videos – if you have some to add, email a link to  Now on to 2013!!

20 Jul 2012

Thanks for a terrific day!

Dublin’s first ever Mini Maker Faire was a massive success! Thanks so much to our infinitely creative makers and hardworking volunteers. We’ve had a great response from both participants and visitors and can’t wait til next years event!

We have a few pictures from the even posted here, and please send along any that you took yourself you’d like to share at!

Just to note: Dublin Mini Maker Faire t-shirts are still for sale in the Science Gallery shop for €10!


13 Jul 2012

Meet The Maker: Build Brighton

Buildbrighton is a hackerspace from Brighton,  in the UK.  They will be bringing along a variety of group and individually created projects to showcase what can be done at your local hackspace .

Their showcase project will be ‘Scalexercise’ – an experiment in fitness, using actual human power – via exercise bikes – to drive slot cars around a Scalextric track.  There will be fun and games along the way!

Build Brighton Hackspace is a 1300sqft communal workshop and collective of like minded people who love to build stuff with electronics, crafts, engineering and technology. The main purpose of the hackspace is to provide a space and tools with which our members can gather, beaver away on their own projects and take part in exciting group projects, in an playful and friendly environment.

Here’s a fun time-lapse of the hackspace being set-up. Hopefully it gives an idea of what we’re about.

We also promote maker-culture whenever possible, doing workshops at various festivals like White Night and Coastal Currents, and even organising our own events, like the huge Brighton Mini Maker Faire.


11 Jul 2012

Meet the Maker: Tarraing anáil

Tarraing anáil invites you to rethink the most natural of all tasks: breathing. Step into the darkness and become the composer of your very own personal sound and light show. This intensely intimate bodily function is amplified by a smart corset, that unlike other corsets, allows you to breathe fully. It is embedded with electronics including sensors and fibre optics. The respiratory breath sensors measure your breathing behaviour and translate it into sound and light.

Tarraing anáil from jiann on Vimeo.

This work is the collaboration of Shirley Coyle, researcher and designer in the field of wearable technologies and smart textiles, and Jiann Hughes, interactive artist and researcher.


11 Jul 2012

Meet the Maker: Hooked

Carolyn Rutherford presents ‘Hooked,’ a crochet collection and workshop that will inspire the granny in you!

Learn how to crochet at this wooly wonder workshop. Enter the ‘How Hot is Your Pot’ tea cosy design competition for the opportunity to win a Le Crousset Pot and to work with Hooked to crochet your unique design to life! Or why not learn how to make your own square and donate it to ‘Project Squared’ a giant patchwork blanket that will be donated to charity.

Click here for the ‘How Hot is Your Pot’ design entry form!

If that doesn’t tickle the granny in you then why not dabble in some yarnbombing? Check out some street art crochet designs and brainstorm for ‘Get Your Knits Out’, a project that endeavors to spread crochet beyond your lap to your room, house, office, school, community- wherever your stitches take you!


10 Jul 2012

Meet the Maker: TOG

Meet TOG, Dublin’s hackerspace. TOG will be showing off a wide range of electronic and craft projects on Saturday as well as running the “learn to solder” area.

TOG is a hackerspace based in Dublin City Centre. It is a shared space where members can have a place to be creative and work on their projects in an environment that is both inspiring and supportive of both new and old technologies. We had our first meeting on the 21st of January 2009 with a group of 17 people, some who had never met before, came together to form a group with the intention of setting up a hackerspace in Dublin. The meeting was great and everyone was full of enthusiasm.
In less then 3 months we had membership coming in from over 20 members and a roof over our head. The space is fully funded by its members and gives members 24/7 access to work on a project or just a place to hang out. For more photos check out our gallery.