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06 Apr 2021

Dublin Maker Open Call 2021

Dublin Maker will be held on Saturday June 19th and Sunday June 20th in our special 2-day virtual festival on the grounds of our Dublin Maker Gather Town! 

It is a free to attend, community-driven event.

The festival takes the form of a “show and tell” experience where inventors/makers are sourced through an open call, and will have an opportunity to showcase their creations at individual virtual booths. It will be a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. It’s a celebration of the Maker movement where anyone can show what they are making, and share what they are learning.

We welcome all types of submissions in all shapes and sizes. Don’t worry about if it’s finished, we love work-in-progress projects, it’s a chance for people to engage and chat about its process and you never know, solutions might pop out at stranger places.

⌛️Note: Makers will need to be available for a minimum of 2 hours (which is the smallest time slot block), during which the Maker will be available to answer questions about their showcase, like an Ask Me Anything.

Being part of Dublin Maker this year means making a video showcasing your project, and if you need help to get started, we’ve a series called Make a Maker Video to help get you started. Huge thanks to Chris Reina and Nathan Wheeler for collaborating with us.

All Maker videos will be located in a dedicated Dublin Maker Festival 2021 playlist on our Youtube channel.

Also check out our website to see what sort of ideas we have seen in previous Dublin Maker festivals and here’s a sneak peek to get an idea of what Dublin Maker Festival is like virtually in the video below.

Dublin Maker Save the Date banner

This will be the 9th Dublin Maker festival. Check out the fun we had in 2019 with the video below.

Whether it’s traditional crafting projects, something you are still tinkering with, apply for a place at our biggest Dublin Maker festival yet.

Come join us and the take the opportunity to spread the Maker Revolution!

  • Your project does not have to be finished, and it does not need to be for sale.
  • We want you to share how you make your project, so we definitely welcome work-in-progress, hobbyist projects.

Go on, throw in a project!

The Open Call closes TUESDAY MAY 4, 6PM (Irish Time).

Help us spread the word

Give us a tweet, and insta or a Facebook share. If you help us spread the word good things will happen to you.

And if you need more ideas, inspirations and some additional Dublin Maker spirit, check out the following:-

If you have any questions, drop us an email at

— Dublin Maker Team

08 Mar 2021

The Dublin Maker Podcast S2E6: Amanda Jolliffe & Microsoft Dreamspace

In this episode we talk to Amanda Jolliffe from Microsoft Dreamspace where she brings us on her journey from her role in Dreamspace through to all the various activities that happened in the space before the Covid-19 lockdown came to their virtually hosted events including a TV programme broadcasted nationally!

About Amanda:
Amanda Jolliffe is DreamSpace Lead in Microsoft Ireland. DreamSpace is an education venue that has an ambition to be a catalyst for change in how school communities think about and engage in STEAM and digital technologies. The DreamSpace program content is developed by teachers, of which Amanda is one. You can find out all about the DreamSpace programs using the details below or search social media pages with the #MSDreamSpace.

Where to find DreamSpace

Where to find Amanda:

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01 Mar 2021

The Dublin Maker Podcast S2E5 – Christine Campbell (Anyone4Science)

In this episode we are joined by Christine Campbell, Founder and current Managing Director of Anyone4Science co-hosted by Vicky Twomey-Lee and Jeffrey Roe. 

Christine brings us through her journey on how Anyone4Science was born. She has such a vast wealth of experience and knowledge that we were jotting them all down and we hope you find this podcast useful from engaging young audiences, lessons learnt and much more.

Where to find Christine and Anyone4Science

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18 Feb 2021

The Dublin Maker Podcast S2E4 – Dr. Rebecca O’Neill & Wikimedia Ireland

In this episode, joining us (Vicky Twomey-Lee and Jeffrey Roe) for a chat is Dr. Rebecca O’Neill, telling us all about her role in Wikimedia Community Ireland, how to contribute to Wikipedia, and rest of Wikimedia’s family.

And why people should also contribute to Wikipedia. What is “Women in Red”? Plus Rebecca is looking for pics of pancakes in Ireland. 🥞😆

Dr Rebecca O’Neill is the Project Coordinator for Wikimedia Community Ireland. A large portion of her work focuses on improving and strengthening the representation of women and content relating to Ireland on Wikipedia as well as the Irish language Wikipedia – Vicipéid. She is also the co-host of the new podcast, The World According to Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Events coming up:

Where to find Wikimedia Ireland:

Where to find Rebecca:

The World According to Wikipedia:

Where to find Dublin Maker:

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12 Feb 2021

Dublin Maker Town Hall

Dublin Maker Festival is going virtual this summer.

We would like to invite our Maker community and friends to hear about your experiences and suggestions on how we can make this year’s event as memorable, engaging and interactive as past Dublin Makers.

  • Have you attended a Maker-related event in the past year?
  • What are your experiences, good and bad?
  • Were you an exhibitor in past Dublin Maker Festivals?
  • Are you thinking of exhibiting at upcoming Dublin Maker events?
  • Have you run/hosted any virtual workshops especially in the area of STEAM?


19:00 – 19:10Welcome and Introduction by Vicky Twomey-Lee
19:10 – 19:40Breakout Rooms
19:40 – 19:55Breakout Rooms Feedback
19:55 – 20:00Wrap up by Vicky Twomey-Lee
*Schedule subject to change

If you know other Makers who would be interested, please share. Thank you!

And we look forward to meeting you. With your help, we can think of a cunning plan to make Dublin Maker Festival a successful and memorable event. 🤔😊

// The Dublin Maker Team


🎧 Have you checked out our latest Dublin Maker Podcast series? More episodes coming soon, you can listen to them at

🎞 Check out our past videos like the Maker-a-Day workshops as well as our recent Multiplier event as partner with ASSESSMAKE21.

21 Jan 2021

ASSESSMAKE 21 Inaugural Multiplier Event for Educators and Makers

It’s Vicky here from Dublin Maker. I’m excited to announce that we are hosting a new event as a partner of a new Erasmus+ project called ASSESSMAKE21. This inaugural Multiplier event is for Educators, Makers, Makerspace facilitators and anyone involved in Maker activities.

The event aims at encouraging participants to explore the creative possibilities of a makerspace located in schools and/or non-formal educational places. 

Key topics will be introduced by the ASSESSMAKE21 consortium. It will be a great honour to explore the magic world of makerspaces with the support of our 2 invited speakers:  Stuart Lawn (Fab Lab Maker Hub) and Chris Reina (MakerMeetIE).


  • 12:00 – 12:10: Welcome by Vicky Twomey-Lee (Dublin Maker)
  • 12:10 – 12:30: ASSESSMAKE 21 Project by Deirdre Green (Learnovate) & Rene Alimisi (Edumotiva)
  • 12:30 – 12:45: “Fab Labs and Digital Making in Schools” by Stuart Lawn (Fab Lab Maker Hub)
  • 12:45 – 13:15: Breakout Rooms
  • 13:15 – 13:30: Feedback from Breakout Rooms
  • 13:30 – 13:45: “Making a Maker” by Chris Reina (MakerMeet IE)
  • 13:45 – 14:00: Wrap up and Call to Actions by Paul O’Raw (Learnovate)

We look forward in meeting you online and exploring the aforementioned creative topics together!

If you have any questions, please contact

13 Jan 2021

The Dublin Maker Podcast S2E3: Jellyfish, punk microscopy & Making with Mark Pickering (Jellylab UCD)

In this episode we talk to Mark Pickering from Jellylab (UCD). Co-hosts are Tomas Ward and Vicky Twomey-Lee. Mark is no stranger to Dublin Maker festival and also was one of our Maker-a-Day during Science Week 2020

We will be talking about how anyone can be a researcher at home and behind the scenes on how Mark and his team of researchers use accessible materials for their their research, his philosophy of punk rock regarding to his research – “punk microscopy”, experiences from all their Maker creations implemented in their labs. We gushed about LEGO and 3D printers. Of course, the fun you have when making and experimenting, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Mark is a Lecturer in School of Medicine at UCD.

Where you can find Mark and Jellylab:

Where to find Dublin Maker:

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16 Dec 2020

Dublin Maker partners in Erasmus+ Programme – ASSESSMAKE21

📢 We are delighted to announce that Dublin Maker (and DCU) is a partner on an Erasmus+ Programme called ASSESSMAKE21 (thanks to Mairéad Hurley from Science Gallery Dublin for connecting us to Learnovate who is the main drive of the project). Maker Advocate, Vicky Twomey-Lee will be point of contact on behalf of Dublin Maker.

Partners: Learnovate (TCD) – Project Coordinator, Dublin Maker (DCU), EDUMOTIVA, American College of Greece, Karlstad University (Sweden), Cyprus Interaction Lab (CUT)

🗓 Dublin Maker will be planning the first multiplier (information) event at the end of Jan 2021. Keep an eye out when we will announce the registration page for the event, it’s free to attend and will be online. If you are an educator, Maker, organisation that work with kids and youths, thinking of forming a Makerspace or having Maker activities in your community, library, school, club, etc., this is an event is for you!

Below is some info about ASSESSMAKE21 (the website will be coming shortly).

ASSESSMAKE21: Innovative digital solutions to assess 21st century skills in makerspaces: schools & non-formal

As the maker movement is increasingly adopted into K‐12 schools and nonformal makerspaces, students have more opportunities to generate unique, personalized projects and artifacts, such as computer programs, robots, DIY electronics and to develop new competencies and skills.

Digital making technologies if coupled with proper learning methodologies such as suggested by Constructivism (Piaget, 1974) and Constructionism (Papert & Harel, 1991) can provide learning experiences that promote young people’s creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills, the essential skills necessary in the workplace of the 21st century (21st C Skills).

However, assessment of these higher order skills is not easy, particularly within these open-ended environments where students create unique solution paths to problems, interact with peers, and act in both the physical and digital worlds. Currently, digital technologies offer novel methods and solutions to assess the 21st century skills and offer insights to learners’ efforts and achievements that become available for both learners and researchers. Thus, the goal of this project is to provide, pilot and validate novel assessment methods and tools intended to use for the assessment of 21st century skills.

The assessment solutions will be piloted in different learning contexts but focused on makerspaces (schools and nonformal ie the makerspaces will be either currently located in Schools or will be nonformal spaces whose programmes engage with School groups). The project partnership will run learning environments that will enable students to act as makers using a wide variety of physical and digital tools through hands-on experiences that emphasize collaboration and creativity following inquiry-based approaches instead of direct instruction of facts and formulas. 

Teachers and non-formal educators will receive training and will be highly involved in planning and implementing the activities.

 the project will report findings and conclusions from implementations and assessments that will take place in 5 schools and 4 non-formal maker spaces in 4 countries. 

15 Dec 2020

Winners of the Christmas Decoration Competition

Dublin Maker, Benchspace Cork and TOG Hackerspace would like to thank everyone who supported and took part in our joint Christmas Decoration Competition.

A big thanks to the judges besides myself:

It was quite a difficult decision, we’ve had over 104 amazing festive entries and after careful consideration by our judges, here are the winners of the Christmas Decoration Competition… drum roll…

Runner Up – €50 One4All Voucher

Runner Up – €50 One4All Voucher

Winner of the €100 One4All Voucher

A big thank you again to all who joined in the fun and congratulations to the winners.

On behalf of the Dublin Maker Team Santy, we wish you all Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year & we’ll see you next year! 🎄🎉

P.S.: Don’t forget to check out upcoming events from Benchspace Cork and TOG HackerSpace.

02 Dec 2020

The Dublin Maker Podcast S2E2: Music and Maker with Joe Timoney

Joe is back with us and Tomas is our host for this episode on Music and Making. Last time Joe talked about synth music, and if you missed that episode, you can check it out here.

In this episode, he will be talking about guitars, foot pedals and Making.

Joe Timoney is a lecturer at NUIM, you can find him at

For more episodes of The Dublin Maker Podcast, check out and subscribe so you won’t our next episodes.

Other places to find Dublin Maker:

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