Call For Makers 2014 4

IMG_0097Calling all Makers ! We have opened our call for this year’s Dublin Maker. The call is seeking all sorts of people, from the high tech to total abstract inventions. All the details of the call are available here.

If you have any questions or suggestions of who we should get leave a comment.

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4 thoughts on “Call For Makers 2014

  • peter scanlan

    Hi there,
    Do you have any plans to have a Cork Maker?
    I am a maker from cork city.
    I make all sorts of things.
    Mainly things that I can reuse and create something else.

    • Jeffrey Post author

      Hey Peter,
      No plans at the moment, we have our hands full with Dublin Maker. Don’t let the name put you off applying. Dublin Maker is open for anyone in Ireland and beyond to apply. We would love to have some makers from Cork.

    • Jeffrey Post author

      Hey Tom,
      I came across your stuff year’s ago when just starting out with arduino must be 5 year ago this stage. Tried to refined your site a few times but must have lost the link.
      Anyway, we would love to have you apply to this year’s Dublin Maker. The open call will start after Paddy’s Day. The feedback from makers is they like it later.