04 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – App Inventing in the Park: Maynooth Maker Space

App Inventing in the Park – Maynooth Maker Space Smartphones, tablets and the apps that run on them are everywhere these days. But what if you want to make your own app? Do you have to spend hours writing code to get a simple app running on your phone? No! App Inventor makes it easy … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – App Inventing in the Park: Maynooth Maker Space
28 Jun 2016

Meet the Maker – Cog & Axle: Simple Machines. Made Simple

Cog & Axle – Simple Machines. Made Simple Did you ever spend an age looking for a resource to teach a particular area of the curriculum and not find what you were looking for? I did. I couldn’t find a suitable, practical resource to teach about simple machines with my class of 30 pupils. As is often … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Cog & Axle: Simple Machines. Made Simple
24 Jul 2015

Meet the Maker – RoboSlam

RoboSlam RoboSlam is a robot-building workshop for beginners, which we have been running in a variety of settings for the last two or three years. Our workshops are staffed entirely by volunteers, mostly staff and students from the Dublin Institute of Technology, and our aim is to introduce people to programming, electronics and robotics by … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – RoboSlam
23 Jul 2015

Meet the Maker – Light2015

International Year of Light 2015, Ireland The UN has declared 2015 the International Year of Light to highlight the central role of light has in the modern world from science and technology to nature and culture. Year of Light makers come from the SPIE and OSA Student Chapters of both UCD and NUIG to demonstrate … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Light2015
22 Jul 2015

Meet the Maker – SunRisa

SunRisa – The Sun-like Alarm Clock Prof. Steve M. Potter: Hacking and studying brains with light and electronics   Dr. Potter is on a “maker immersion” sabbatical, touring all the maker spaces in Ireland this summer. He is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. His lab makes … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – SunRisa
20 Jul 2015

Meet the Maker – Hardie Kids

Hardie Kids – Mint Tek Circuits Over the past couple of months we have been asked about our workshop and what it has to do with printed circuit boards (PCB) well we’re here to tell you. Both In the UK and Ireland we have attended events and ran workshops where people can manufacture a small … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Hardie Kids
19 Jul 2015

Meet the Maker – Core Rope Memory

Margaret Synnott – Core Rope Memory I’ll be presenting a demonstration of an old type of computer memory, called Core Rope Memory. It was used in the spacecraft that brought men to the moon. I began this project with zero electronics skills; in fact in the beginning I just wanted to make jewellery. It started … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Core Rope Memory
14 Jul 2015

Meet the Maker – Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy – Woodturning I work with wood primaraily. I turn it on a lathe and carve it with a tools called gouges. But to this I add resin, electronics and paint/dye to varying degrees as my design calls for them. Or sometimes none of them. Wood is a phenomenal material to work with. Its … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Tom Murphy
03 Jul 2015

Meet the Maker – Intel

INTEL @ Dublin Maker This year Intel Ireland will again be the MEGA sponsor of the Dublin Maker event on the grounds of Trinity College Dublin. Intel supports Dublin Maker to encourage innovation to introduce young makers to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in revolutionary and innovative ways beyond the traditional classroom setting.  At … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Intel
23 Jun 2015

Meet the Maker – Irish Lace, A New Tradition

Fiona Harrington – Irish Lace, A New Tradition Fiona Harrington once again brings her wonderful lacework to Dublin Maker 2015. Handmade Lace has existed in Ireland for almost 200 years, but today only a handful of lacemakers remain. It is a highly skilled and a very rare practice. This year Fiona has been working with … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Irish Lace, A New Tradition