12 Mar 2017

Open Call 2017

Dublin Maker Open Call 2017 The Open Call for Dublin Maker is now open and ready to receive applications – click here to apply. Dublin Maker returns to Merrion Square on Saturday the 22nd July, transforming it into a spectacular family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness and we want you join us. Now in … Continue reading →Open Call 2017
22 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – WildAREness Project

The WildAREness Project Orla Farrell always had a dream of growing a gigantic forest since she heard in school when she was 6 that Ireland was the worst in Europe for tree cover. She was hoping that some day, she would win the lotto and then buy an enormous bit of land, a few counties … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – WildAREness Project
22 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – Wood Turning

Why Do I Make Things?   I’m in the process of making a bowl at the moment. My mother wants a salad bowl for summer. Its 30 degrees and I’m working in my workshop with power sanders and protective gear on. I would buy her a bowl for 20 euro. It would be a nice … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Wood Turning
20 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – Arckit

Meet the Maker – Arckit As an architect, I’ve always valued the ‘working model’ as a way to explore ideas and communicate these to clients. However, in recent years it has become more difficult to use this traditional method of design due to time and cost restraints. That’s when I began working on an idea … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Arckit
20 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – STEAM Room

STEAM Room – Lacken National School I first came across the STEM concept while visiting my daughter on the Gold Coast in 2013. I liked the idea  teaching four areas as one subject. A seed was set and on returning to my own school I came up with the idea of a STEAM Room. I … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – STEAM Room
19 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – TechSpace

TechSpace Create,Invent, Inspire. What is TechSpace you ask? TechSpace is a national movement that aims to change the lives of young people in Ireland by becoming Ireland’s leading creative technology support network for outcome focused youth development. So what exactly do we do? We build the capacity of youth organisations and schools to run creative … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – TechSpace
12 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – Augmented Reality Sandbox

Allez les Bleus – Augmented Reality Sandbox Florent, Dyana, Silvan, Vivien, Stephanie and Pierre-Alexis, engineering students and currently doing an internship in NUI Maynooth University, over the summer. The AR Sandbox is the one toy you have been dreaming of your whole life. A group of french students have worked on it, and it works. … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – Augmented Reality Sandbox
11 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – TCD iGEM

TCD iGEM ‘What I cannot create, I do not understand’, were the words written on the chalkboard of Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman, the day he died. Synthetic Biology (SynBio) applies this idea to living things. We are a team of undergraduate SynBio researchers from Trinity College Dublin. We are using DNA, the language … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – TCD iGEM
11 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – The Props Factory

The Props Factory So we have been super busy here at the Props Factory, (2 grown adults refusing to grow up accompanied by other misfits doing the maker fair for the craic) – a collective of muppets making puppets really.  All of us come from a professional model making background with many years puppet building … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – The Props Factory
11 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – PaperPetShop

PaperPetShop My name is Brian Mc Swiney and I am the founder of PaperPetShop. I will be displaying some of the latest paper pet creations at DublinMaker 2016. My background is in engineering and I am primarily focused on design and inventing, as this is where my passion lies. I am a maker but I have always … Continue reading →Meet the Maker – PaperPetShop