30 Mar 2020
Vicky Twomey-Lee Dublin Maker Update

What are you Making at home?

If you haven’t heard already, Dublin Maker festival 2020 has been postponed to Summer 2021 due to COVID-19 and the Dublin Maker team discussed and made a very hard decision, but the community’s health and safety comes first. Here’s our announcement . It might be a bit 😢 but you never know… if this COVID-19 … Continue reading →What are you Making at home?
02 Oct 2019
Dublin Maker 2019 Official Video

Dublin Maker 2019 Official Video

Did you miss Dublin Maker this year, or you want to re-live those moments again. Here’s a video highlighting moments from Dublin Maker at Merrion Square this year. We had over 60 makers showcasing their projects on the day. Check out the full list on our website. http://www.dublinmaker.ie/makers-2019/ Thanks to all our fantastic makers, volunteers … Continue reading →Dublin Maker 2019 Official Video
30 Aug 2019
DM MADE Vicky with Hat

Life as a Maker Advocate – a review of the past few months

It’s been 4 months since I started as Maker Advocate with the Dublin Maker Team on the MADE programme. What have I’ve been up to since besides settling into my office space courtesy of DCU School of Computing? And yes, I’ve got a great window view. One of my jobs is being the admin person … Continue reading →Life as a Maker Advocate – a review of the past few months
19 Jul 2019

Periodic Maze

Writing about an escape room defeats the whole purpose of designing an escape room. There is no mystery if you release the secrets into the dark of the wild web. Instead, in celebration of the fact the modern periodic table is 150 years old this year, we have created a mini-puzzle especially for you dedicated … Continue reading →Periodic Maze
19 Jul 2019

Three turtles a-stitching @DublinMaker

Cesaro Star design by Jens Mönig On Saturday July 20th, Richard Millwood is hosting a TurtleStitch booth at Dublin Maker. He will be ably assisted by John Hegarty and Mags Amond. All three are active members of CESI. TurtleStitch, the brainchild of Austrian Andrea Stalder-Mayer, allows users to direct a modern embroidery machine to output … Continue reading →Three turtles a-stitching @DublinMaker
19 Jul 2019

Dublin Linux Community

Around 2015, after several failed attempts to get a Linux User Group going in Dublin – coffee in the Science Gallery only goes so far – I stumbled upon a pre-built LUG that had been started right under my nose. I quickly sent a message pestering Rigel, the then organiser, to please let me help … Continue reading →Dublin Linux Community
18 Jul 2019

DIY 3D Printing, Props, Costumes – Robert Le Roux

I am exhibiting my two scratch built 3D printers built with the tiniest of budgets, all the frame components were cut by hand and the various electronics used were ordered from China. Both capable of print qualities that rival many kit 3D printers and a print volume larger than printers that cost several hundreds. I … Continue reading →DIY 3D Printing, Props, Costumes – Robert Le Roux
18 Jul 2019

Anyone 4 Science

Anyone 4 Science is an educational organisation providing fun hands-on science engineering and maths activities. We believe that it is important for progress into the future that everyone understands how things work. We promote “simple science” where we use regularly available household items to make sophisticated things. For example elastic bands make accurate weighing scales, … Continue reading →Anyone 4 Science

Wia – Build your own IoT Projects with the Dot One

At Wia, we’re all about helping people and businesses build smart, connected electronics. We understand the importance of being a maker and the value of learning, building, and exploring with technology. That’s why we want to let anyone and everyone start building their own IoT projects, even if they’ve never had any experience in this … Continue reading →Wia – Build your own IoT Projects with the Dot One
17 Jul 2019

Team Maynooth / DCU

This team is a combined from people at Dublin City University and Maynooth University along with guest makers (Andrew!). We are showcasing and experimenting with computers, sound and music including highlighting earliest speech synthesis technologies versus current deep learning, artificial intelligence approaches to complex sound generation. We examine the mathematical underpinnings of rhythm and sound, … Continue reading →Team Maynooth / DCU