18 Jul 2018

Creative Spark

Creative Spark Creative Spark provides an infrastructure to support the development of creative and innovative start-up enterprises in County Louth and the North East. It provides practical opportunities through the provision of training and opportunities within the creative industries and technology sectors. It has ceramics, glass and printmaking facilities in Dundalk and will bring a … Continue reading →Creative Spark
18 Jul 2018

MakerDojo – You Can Do This

MakerDojo – You Can Do This You can do this. That’s the idea for MakerDojo. We’ll show you technology, science, mathematic and engineering projects, mini and large makes, but more importantly, why and how they work, and how you can make them yourselves. MakerDojo is a club encouraging the general public to explore science and … Continue reading →MakerDojo – You Can Do This
18 Jul 2018

Galaxies Stones

Galaxies Stones Namaste! I have always been fascinated by Physics and Astronomy. As a child I wondered about Space and it’s constituents like Stars, Planets, Comets, Constellations and Galaxies. So due to this interest I have done my Masters in Physics and then Masters in Education. I like to spend more time with kids as … Continue reading →Galaxies Stones
15 Jul 2018

Anyone 4 Science

Anyone 4 Science Anyone 4 Science is an educational organisation established in 2005 to bring hands-on science, engineering and maths activities to primary school age children. We run camps in the holidays, visit schools, run after school science clubs and entertain children at parties and other events. After a short while we realised that it … Continue reading →Anyone 4 Science
15 Jul 2018


JellyLab JellyLab is a group of neuroscientists based in the School of Medicine in University College Dublin. Making has been part of our daily routine for years; designing and building your own equipment reflects a central part of our lab’s philosophy. We design the tools we need to answer the questions we have, rather than … Continue reading →JellyLab
15 Jul 2018


MAKERMEETIE – Cardboard Engineering and Edible Painting What is MakerMeetIE? With an emphasis on learning by making, MakerMeetIE helps educators to bring MakerSpaces into their classrooms and helps students explore the fun of working together. Problem-solving combined with creativity are at the heart of this hands-on, collaborative learning process incorporating science, technology, engineering, art and … Continue reading →MakerMeetIE
15 Jul 2018

Trinity Walton Club

Trinity Walton Club Trinity Walton Club provides a unique hub for secondary school students who are passionate about science technology engineering and maths (STEM). The club programme runs on Saturdays during the academic year. Our Easter and summer camps are bite-sized opportunities for students to experience Trinity College Dublin and immerse themselves in STEM. During … Continue reading →Trinity Walton Club
13 Jul 2018


Med3DP Med3DP is an initiative driven by Masters students studying Bioengineering in Trinity College Dublin. This enterprise has which has been running for 3 years and has produced many viable medical devices. A humanitarian effort at its core, Med3DP strives to design simple medical devices that meet a clinical need in a new and innovative … Continue reading →Med3DP
11 Jul 2018


MadeByCliff I’ve been making things since my folks bought me a Power Workshop when I was young. I love carpentry and we built everything from balsa wood pencil holders to go karts since then! In secondary school, I started diving into electronics as well. Along with some friends, we made some very cool projects using … Continue reading →MadeByCliff
11 Jul 2018

Abhishka’s Creative World

Abhishka’s Creative World We are a bunch of creative people who like to work with anything that we can lay our hands on. Paper becomes paper dolls or airplanes, cardboard become boomerangs, CDs become suncatchers, bracelets become dreamcatchers, beer bottles become painted candle stands, stones become little monsters and ladybirds, toilet paper rolls become dolls … Continue reading →Abhishka’s Creative World