Meet The Maker: AnalysIR 3

Ever wondered what your Tv remote is doing ? or how it communicates with your TV. AnalyIR have taken this a whole new level. They are working on a feature rich IR analyzer & decoder for windows using an Arduino.

At maker faire they will be showing some cool demos of what you can do with IR.

  • IR to generate electricity
  • IR to reset Arduino with no Code
  • IR to wake an Arduino WoIR (Wake on IR) 
  • Inaugural World IR Games
  •  Seeing the invisible -Using iPhone & Android camera to check if TV remote is working
  • TV Remote Control Diagnosis & Repair Tips
  •  TV Remote Control Missing Battery Trick
  •  Long range TV remote Control Demo Using Optics

AnalysIR are running a crowding funding campaign at the moment to fund the future development of their great software.

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