Meet the Maker – RoboSlam 1

RoboSlam – Ted Burke & Damon Berry


RoboSlam is an ultra low-cost robot building workshop for beginners – a rapid introduction to building robots using “real” electronic components. Our mission is to create a recipe for an incredibly inexpensive robot (our target is €10) that’s easy to build and easy to teach others to build. We want to make it easy and affordable for people who are interested in robotics to learn about it and to run workshops where others can learn too. At Dublin Maker, we’ll be showing visitors some of our low-cost robot designs and a few other prototype pieces we’re working on. We’ll also have facilities for a limited number of volunteers to try out some robot building for themselves!





Check out RoboSlam in action




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One thought on “Meet the Maker – RoboSlam

  • Conall Boyle

    Well done to you all for giving my kids a great time last saturday – now have 2 robots patrolling the kitchen.

    Special mention to Frank for sitting down to make the robots with Charlie and Anna.