Meet the Maker – The Wind Up Toy Chronicles

The Wind Up Toy Chronicles – Duncan Gough

winduptoysI came to the first Dublin MakerĀ  a few years ago, and together with Leila Johnston with ran the StoryMaker table, putting together LED throwies and sock puppets. Our day was pretty hectic, and before we knew it everything was gone – turned into sock puppets.

This time I’d bringing some more friends to run The Wind Up Toy Chronicles. I’ve been excited by the idea of making something out of old fashioned, analogue toys, and there turned out to be quite some difficulties even just finding wind up toy parts.

Eventually, I found and shipped some wind up toy mechanisms from overseas and started thinking about what we can get people making with them. I’ve been tracking my progress on Somewhere too.

Now I’ve got a good idea, we’ll be making some strange creatures out of pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue and whatever else we can find.

Come find us on the day and make your own funny creature…


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