18 Jul 2018

80’s Coder Dojo

80’s Coder Dojo – DCU-MU MusicTech

Dublin City University and Maynooth University will be joining up to provide a hands on experience of 8-bit coding on vintage 80’s computers including Commodore 64k, BBC B micros, Vic 20, Sinclair Spectrum, Acorn Electron, etc.  Think Scratch programming too low level? Wait til you get your hands on some 8-bit programming and the thrill of slowly saving it to audio tapes! If that does n’t thrill you to bits then take part in our new social neuroscience experimental experience. Jump into conversations with random people at DM and with our “rapportometer” get a measure of how much you are digging the converation! We swear there is some really cool neuroscience at work there but also a lot of hacking with Raspberry PIs and Nintendo bits. Finally, for the 80’s throwbacks for whom 8-bit is just too…well binary, Dr Joe will be serving up a range of analog synths built from scratch or kits to get your groove on. We may even have other things to show too…its only Thursday after all. We can do lots in 48 hours!

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