11 Jul 2018

Abhishka’s Creative World

Abhishka’s Creative World

We are a bunch of creative people who like to work with anything that we can lay our hands on. Paper becomes paper dolls or airplanes, cardboard become boomerangs, CDs become suncatchers, bracelets become dreamcatchers, beer bottles become painted candle stands, stones become little monsters and ladybirds, toilet paper rolls become dolls and puppets.  We also make silk thread jewelry, make multi-material art to display and work with clay.  Come and visit us to see how you can make something out of everything that you thought of throwing away! We will give you art ideas to keep yourself and little hands busy with simple and fun things to do with things you have at home.


We are a homeschooling family that loves experimenting and exploring which includes making all kinds of beautiful and strange things from all kinds of materials. The mama bear, Shyami is an Engineer and her two lovely assistants are Abhinav who will be 11 soon and Anoushka who just turned 9. A lot of art that we make is made out of materials which are considered waste by others. We also work with different kinds of media and mix and match stuff to get better results. Clay, paints, Lego, cloth, plastic, tile, paper – we like to play around with anything that we see to create something new and wonderful.

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