25 Jul 2014

Meet the Maker – Adore, Adorn, Play

Adore, Adorn, Play – Niki & Cheryl

Team AAA-15

Niki and Cheryl love fashion stuff that Does things. So they are at Dublin Maker to tell your grandma’s stories using smart technology. Niki is a fashion designer who exhibits internationally and develops much loved fashion collections. Cheryl is one of the most inspiring activists in TOG, who has established her reputation for All Things Smart Textile. They met at TOG figuring out what makes Andruino thick.  Sharing curiosity for all small things that make clothes toys and adornments useful, they buddied up to tell stories but with technologies.

The first piece like everything else in Ireland reolves around the weather. Do you know how Irish folk used to predict the weather before Internet, before radio and before tools? Simples, they used what they have a lot of- the flora of the sea. Confused or curious? Just come and see our kelp jewellery that predicts the weather.

Second of our old wives tales is about health.  And again like most things in Ireland it comes out of what your mammy has to say. You have a problem? Your mam knows better than you What it is, Why you have it and Whose fault it was. Don’t believe us? Come and hear it for yourselves.

And the third? Shhhh,it is a secret! Come! We would let you see it.

We would be running a fashion competition on Pinterest and twitter. Come and join the fun!

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