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01 Aug 2013

We want your Feedback

Hello, what a day we had. The sun held out and not a drop of rain in sight. We want to keep the ideas spinning on how to make next year’s faire even better so we are looking for your feedback. We want to know what worked and what didn’t work. What did you love seeing and what are you tried of seeing. Please take the time to fill out the following survey to help us make Dublin Mini Maker Faire even better.

26 Jul 2013

Most Interesting Tent

We are creating a forum for makers so they can give ten minute talks or performances  celebrating making in all its forms. We call it the Most Interesting.   No tickets needed just drop by the tent and absorb inspiration.  Timetable below.


12:00:00David McKeown/ Mick DoneganMIDI Irish Dancing Shoes
12:30:00Joseph RocheA Rubbish Talk
12:45:00Kate DalyFab all things
13:00:00Ed DevaneEd and his instruments
13:30:00Tara WhelanDigital Fab For Your Mam
13:45:00Triona O’ConnellChocolate mayo demo
14:00:00Jennifer KellyMATHS & GAMES
14:30:00Andrew HealyStitch’n’Glitch
14:45:00Paul NugentThe Institute of Physics Demos
15:00:00Dave HeadFabri-con
15:30:00Sinead Williamson & Ekaterina SleptsovaKitchen Sink Physics
15:45:00Christian KortenhorseMaking things with fire
16:00:00Padraic Ó ConghaileHomebrewing In Ireland
16:30:00Robin PriceThe Wisdom of Crowds – Crowd sourced algorithmic dance music using custom hardware’


26 Jul 2013

Meet the Maker – The VOICES Project

StampaSolutions to problems both large and small often come from bringing together people and ideas. At its core, the VOICES project (Views, Opinions and Ideas of Citizens in Europe on Science) is about working with people to identify problems and potential solutions to an often overlooked but very real problem of “Urban Waste.”

Over 70 million truckloads of household rubbish, “Urban Waste” are disposed each year across the EU. At Dublin Mini Maker Faire, the VOICES project will have a stand where some of the solutions identified by citizen groups will be put into action.

Visitors to the VOICES stand can try their hand at upcycling waste objects, turning unwanted materials into something useful, highlighting how many materials can be reused – something at the core of the project. Visitors will be able to make a smart phone speaker from rubbish, turn old clothing into cool accessories and waste paper into intricate decorations. Visitors can also submit their own concerns or ideas for solving Urban Waste problems, have a look at ideas collected from the Dublin VOICES group, and “fund” their favourite ideas for dealing with urban waste problems.

26 Jul 2013

Meet the Maker – The Extraordinaires

How would you design a music player for a giant, what about a cooking utensil for a fairy… or a gift for an evil genius? The Creativity Hub was founded by husband and wife team Rory O’Connor and Anita Murphy to create games and tools to help people think in new ways. While Rory’s Story Cubes was created to fire the imagination of everyone, The Extraordinaires Design Studio will inspire the next generation of design thinkers. Check out their video.

24 Jul 2013

Maker Badges

Our Makers are the core of our event. We like to treat them right. What better way than a nice laser-cut badge from Snow. If you want one you will have to be a maker at next year’s event or talk very nicely to a maker and they might let you hold it.




23 Jul 2013

Spike Badges – Sponsor in Kind

2013-07-04 17.07.37

We love our sponsors. Without them we couldn’t keep the Faire open and free for all to attend. The way we like it. We also love when companies who believe in what we are trying to do and help us run the Faire by donating stuff. Step in Spike badges , they supplied us with a load of shiny badges. Thanks guys! If you have been at any of our warm up events you will have seen them in all their glory (the picture is from the 4th of July celebrations) Look out for them on Saturday!

22 Jul 2013

Meet The Maker: Dalriada Robotics

What happens when a group of kids come together ? They create robots that can take over the world ? Not quite but close enough. We delighted to add the robotics club from Dalriada Grammar School, Ballymoney.  The build a range of robots using different hardware from Raspberry Pi to  Lego NXT.  They will be showcasing a range of robots and allowing you to control them.  Check out their robotic arm controlled using a Wiimote below.