14 Jul 2019


It is said that living in a city and working full time can make being a maker difficult, impossible even, lack of space, lack of time or lack of resources can all limit your creativity and make Making unrealistic.

I respectfully disagree with that assertion, working full time in investments and living in a small apartment in Dublin City I produce a litany of props and elaborate costumes from my favourite video games in my spare bedroom! You don’t require a workshop, top of the line tools or all the hours in the day to create something spectacular, you simply need to tailor your Making to your project.

Starting out in Making from a young age building war gaming terrain and suits of wooden armour I lost touch with the craft in university. When attending Dublin Comic con last year, I was inspired by the incredible cosplays on display. So I decided to jump back into the maker community and it fundamentally changed my life. I began to build a Steampunk Plague Doctor for an upcoming convention and developed a passion for adding ever greater amounts of detail to a build. I learned how to work with foam as well as leather working, sewing and pattern making.

Then once I had my plague doctor completed I needed more ! And as such I followed it up soon after with my second build an armoured Nuka Cola Sole Survivor from Fallout 4, where I taught myself 3D printing and how to work with thermoplastics, sewing and electronics.

My most recent build is a Spartan Ranger from the Metro 2033 series, featuring original soviet parts and programmable electronics.  This has been a long 6 month project but I have enjoyed every step of the process! Making over the past year has taught me so much and I continue to learn new and exciting things, my upcoming project, Project Magos, is teaching me robotics and mechanical drive trains.

My stall at Dublin Maker will show you how most props can be made out of everyday items, that upcycling can make massive projects manageable and that you can build massive characters on a realistic budget with limited tools.

Check out Crafty Nathan’s Creations https://www.instagram.com/craftynathanscreations/

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