19 Jul 2019

Dublin Linux Community

Around 2015, after several failed attempts to get a Linux User Group going in Dublin – coffee in the Science Gallery only goes so far – I stumbled upon a pre-built LUG that had been started right under my nose. I quickly sent a message pestering Rigel, the then organiser, to please let me help out. I’d stack chairs. I’d pour coffee. Whatever you need. Without a word of warning he made me a full admin of the Meetup page and launched into telling me about the upcoming event he had planned in Dogpatch Labs. I ate pizza. I looked confused during a Rust talk. It was amazing.

A few weeks go by and another willing victim, Mr Conor Murphy steps into the fray. He gets the same rapid-fire promotion and we get to work churning out events. The idea was to go for volume over substance. Reserve a table in Costa or a nook in the Long Stone. Nothing too fancy. Just make it regular. The formula seemed to work. We got regulars coming back week after week. One of those regulars was Suspect No. 3 – Mike. A true diehard of the meetups it was a no-brainer making him another organiser. We have since added a 4th, Camila, whose positivity is infectious.

We focus on creating accessible and inclusive events that encourage people with any skill level in Linux or computing to come along and learn more. The worst that will happen is too many people will try to teach you things.

– Shane Kitt Co- Organiser https://dublinlinux.org/

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