18 Jul 2021

Dublin Maker 2021 – Looking Back

DM21 Revisited Blog

Dublin Maker ran its first successful all virtual Maker festival on Saturday, June 19th. With over 40 exhibits showcasing live demos, pre-recorded videos, posters to check out, and of course, the most important part, meeting the Makers themselves.

Over 300 people signed up to wander around our virtual Maker festival. Thank you all who joined us at Gather Town, it was experimental, and we were delighted that people were engaging with each other, exploring the virtual park space, and watching our 3 hour livestream. It finally came true for us to bring the Maker community and the general public together this year, and we are ever so grateful for all the support.

Before and After – Behind the scenes

It went from above planning out map for Gather Town and trying to figure out how it all works to…
THIS! Final layout of the Dublin Maker Virtual Festival 2021!


To our sponsors and partners, to whom this wouldn’t have happened

  • SFI
  • ESB Energy for Generations Fund
  • Festival of Curiosity
  • DCU
  • TOG Hackerspace
  • Science Hack Day
  • Laser Laura

We couldn’t have done it without the team ranging from our roving reporters, social media to volunteers (no order in particular):

  • Niamh Shaw
  • Phil Smyth
  • Emilia
  • Alastair Roe and team at VIMAR
  • Caolán Ward
  • Roisin Lyons
  • Chris Reina
  • Nathan Wheeler
  • (names of other volunteers)

And of course the Dublin Maker team itself, David, Jeffrey, Laura, Tomas and Vicky.

The Live Stream

You can (re)watch the 3 hour livestream set in a newsroom style with Jeffrey and Vicky, which includes interviews with Makers participating in the Maker festival with Niamh and Phil, a tour of the space on Gather Town with our roving reporters, learning how to juggle, and even a weather forecast. You can (re)watch it below.

The Makers Documentary

We wrapped up the festival by premiering a documentary in the virtual auditorium in Gather Town and via our Youtube channel. Dublin Maker commissioned the documentary and was made by Hugh Rodgers and his team at Invisible Thread Films following the stories of Irish Makers on how they got into making. I suggest having a tissue box nearby, it’s both inspirational and very touching, and we hope this documentary explains why Makers do what they do, and what Maker community and culture is about.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported Dublin Maker all through these years, especially this year.

Till we meet again in person next summer 2022!

/ Dublin Maker Team

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