Dublin Maker sounds like the best thing I have ever heard of! What exactly is this humbly run event?

Dublin Maker is a family friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning. This year is our 10th Birthday and we are in the lovey Richmond Barracks in Inchicore on Sat 2nd September 2023 from 10 am until 6 pm.

Is Dublin Maker on everyday? Please let it be every day! I want one now!

Hmmm well aren’t you eager, I’m afraid it happens but once a year. We open at 10am and will go to 6pm on Saturday September 2nd 2023. Drop in whenever you like, no tickets are required.

I will pay whatever it takes for me attend, do you accept American Express?

No, it is free. Just come along. Dublin Maker is a non-profit event. All the organisers and makers volunteer to make the day happen with the kind support of our sponsors and partners. Isn’t that peachy?

I build cool stuff, can I show it off at Dublin Maker? Is there a secret handshake or something?

Not a handshake but an open call. Anyone can submit their project when the call opens. Once it closes, the committee calls the elders to an elaborate secret banquet and decisions are made to what the public gets to see in June. We are open to pretty much anything, so be creative. Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists, science clubs, students, authors, and commercial exhibitors. They are of all ages and backgrounds, coming from all over Ireland and beyond.

You were called “Dublin Mini Maker Faire” before and now you are called “Dublin Maker”? I am SO confused?

Yes that was us, from 2012-2013, but we aren’t so mini any more and we couldn’t find “faire” in the dictionary. So we have been Dublin Maker since 2014, it is a new independent event from the exact same team of people. It is like when “Marathon” became “Snickers” but this is an event and doesn’t contain peanuts.

That “Marathon” became “Snickers” analogy has just made me hungry. It also happened before I was born. Once more with meaning?

Dublin maker is in no way affiliated with Make Media and is not “Dublin mini maker Faire”. It is an event formed by all of the original local organising team. Would an Opalfruits becoming Starburst analogy have helped? No? Jif becoming Cif? Oh I give up!

I plan to bring my Model-T Ford, where can I park?

There is limited street parking at Richmond Barracks, although there are on street park nearby. Maybe best of all try public transport. Visit our venue page for more information.

My Model-T Ford is in for repairs, is there public transportation available?

You can take the Luas Red Line to Drimnagh stop and walk over (~8 mins).  Alternatively take one of the billion buses which serve the city centre. Have a look at our venue page.

My Model-T Ford has only 2 wheels and I pedal it. Where do I park?

Bike racks are available around the venue.

Can I volunteer at the Dublin Maker?

You bet you can! We love our volunteers. Go here our volunteers page to find out more.

Can you not just record it and then transfer the experience into my brain?

We will be doing video and photography of the event. So you might get your picture taken if you turn up. The technology for what you want does not exist. Yet.

What if it rains? Someone once called me a witch and I’m afraid of melting?

The show will go on! Bring rain gear to keep you dry when walking outdoors. Fortunately, we have marquees over the outdoor booths and an uncrushable spirit. BTW we think you are lovely, I’m sure you were just having an off day.

What can I expect?

To have a fantastic time! You’ll be surprised and intrigued with every corner that you turn. Most people leave feeling taller. 10% are actually physically taller. This is something we are working on, but don’t worry it is never more than a few feet.