15 Feb 2013


Talk about being on the map. Dublin Mini Maker Faire 2012 was visible FROM SPACE.

No joke – the epic day of making that was Dublin Mini Maker Faire was big, but even we didn’t know it would get picked up on Apple’s maps app.

Now we could take credit and say we launched a rocket with a camera attached and submitted the photos to Apple, or that we calculated on which day the satellites were flying overhead and scheduled the faire for that day.  Maybe it wasn’t even a satellite but rather a high-altitude plane doing photography to fill in the high-density parts of the map.  But either way, those white tents, those rightly colored seats– it’s unmistakable.

Can we promise that Dublin Mini Maker Faire on July 27th, 2013 will be immortalised on Apple’s maps again? Was it a coincidence? You’ll just have to join us to find out.  The call for makers is still open until March 1st.

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