18 Jul 2018

Galaxies Stones

Galaxies Stones

Namaste! I have always been fascinated by Physics and Astronomy. As a child I wondered about Space and it’s constituents like Stars, Planets, Comets, Constellations and Galaxies. So due to this interest I have done my Masters in Physics and then Masters in Education. I like to spend more time with kids as they are very curious and full of energy and we learn a lot while teaching them. While teaching Physics to my students I mostly use the learning by doing and creative problem solving method.


Galaxy Stones workshop is my first attempt in Dublin to teach kids about Three main types of Galaxies present in the Universe. This is an art as well as Science workshop. Hope kids bring their own stones to turn them into sparking Galaxies and enjoyed this event!!

In future, I like to organize another workshops related to other Physics topics by using Practical methods and things from day to day life. Thanks.

Kind Regards,

Vaneeta Agnihotri.

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