18 Jul 2018



Hi, my name is Nadine and I have always drawn and made things as gifts, for my children, for friends, weddings and birthday parties to name a few.

I started my own stationery business in 2017 and called it Love Ink Paper Scissors as this name reflects my favourite things.

I would love to share my love of making, and show that everyone, kids and adults alike, can simply and easily make fabulous and unique creations, using simple materials as well as their hands, eyes and unbridled imagination.

I will set up a diy stationery workshop at Dublin Maker, where my little elves and I will help you create your own notebooks, pop up cards, funky envelopes, handmade stamps and foam magnets.

There will be mostly no templates or designs to copy as I would encourage everyone to develop their own ideas and choose from the large selection of colourful, recycled, cheap and easy materials I will provide (magazine pages, origami paper, coloured card and foam sheets, string, ribbon, stickers, googly eyes, markers etc…) to inspire them. There will however be examples of various easy techniques you can use and basic templates for pop-up cards, stamps and magnets for those who would like them.

I really hope you will have fun, be inspired by the creative and making process, and even continue to make your own stationery or more beyond Dublin Maker.

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