11 Jul 2018



I’ve been making things since my folks bought me a Power Workshop when I was young. I love carpentry and we built everything from balsa wood pencil holders to go karts since then!

In secondary school, I started diving into electronics as well. Along with some friends, we made some very cool projects using NiTiNol (muscle wire) and won technology prizes in the Young Scientist for a working prosthetic arm powered by the movement of these wires (no motors!). I then went on to study computer and electronic engineering in TCD.

I have always admired when engineering and design work well together. To me, the best example of this is when a building or piece of furniture doesn’t just fulfill one job. There seems to be an emergence of development in multi-functional design which really captures the needs of people and the environment. Offices with a football pitch on top, shopping malls with CO2 generating gardens, coffee tables that turn into dining tables – these are all ideas that help us do more with less and improve our quality of life!

Since moving out of home, I became increasingly aware of the issue of urbanization and the price of renting in Dublin. I lived in a rented box room for a few years and after doing some research, there weren’t that many convincing options for small-space furniture that helped someone do more with less space.

Beble is the outcome of this frustration!

What is Beble?

With growing urbanisation, space is at a premium and homes need to get more efficient. I am making a piece of furniture that can convert a bedroom into a dining room or home theatre at the click of one button. That’s the idea anyway… 🙂 The project has been in motion for four years now. I’m happy to say we’re getting to a point where showing it off would be very exciting, especially because I want to get some feedback and get more people involved. My intention eventually is to make this project an open source design so that people can enjoy the benefits without costing too much!

Time permitting, I will be showing off some other multi-functional product designs also.

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