16 Oct 2020

Maker-a-Day at Science Week

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Dublin Maker is excited to bring you our first virtual event this year, a series of demos and workshops called Maker-a-Day during Science Week.

Maker-a-Day will be on from Monday November 9th to Saturday November 14. The schedule will be announced once we finalised times with our Makers.

Featuring traditional crafts to technologies, there’s something for everyone to follow, make and build. 

We have a 10 min Q&A after the workshop where you get a chance to ask the Makers questions, and it will be live-streamed via our Dublin Maker Youtube channel.

We launched our mini-open call a couple of weeks ago and we received great response, and we are delighted to announce who will be participating at our Maker-a-Day during Science Week (in alphabetical order):-

Crafty Nathan’s Creations: Make  a small scale diorama of a country road

Nathan Wheeler will be making a small scale diorama of a country road, small enough for the table top. This will be a showcase of simple modelling techniques to make a simple and easy to enjoy diorama, replete with a nice custom made tree.

👉 https://www.instagram.com/craftynathanscreations/

Fab Lab Maker Hub: Lego Modelling in Tinkercad

Stuart Lawn will demonstrate how to use Tinkercad to generate your own digital Lego Models and show some secret TinkerPowers built into Tinkercad to get the step by step instructions for you to build them from real Lego bricks.

👉 http://www.makerhub.ie

Frank Duignan: Dublin Maker Badge

This project will show how a simple game can be made for the (unofficial) Dublin Maker Badge 2021. It will be a sprite based game that will run on the badge.  It would be great to include the game produced by one of the participants in the final badge. You will be shown how to build a simple sprite game in a browser based development environment

👉 https://ioprog.com

Jellylab (University College Dublin): How do sea creatures react to light? How to build a simple experiment to explore the world around you.

We believe that anyone can be a scientist, and we want to democratise discovery by taking experimental tools out of the laboratory and into the hands of anyone curious about the world around them.
This project will show how to use simple and easily available components to build an experiment to answer a scientific question: if tiny sea creatures have eyes, what do they do when they see light? For this we’ll use brine shrimp (also called Artemia), which are sold as “sea monkeys” and “aqua dragons”, as well as some tiny plankton we collect in the sea, but you could also adapt this to investigate bugs from your garden (how do ants or spiders respond to light?). The experiment can be run using an arduino controlled neopixel RGB LED ring. We’ve been using this as a demonstration for some time now, and  documented the experiment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dDiRWTvLzI
Now, we want to show how you can make everything you need to do this type of experiment yourself. We’ll show you how to set up the lights with an arduino, and how to control the light pattern with a game controller (specifically the nunchuck controller from a nintendo Wii).
In addition to showing how to make the light experiment, we’ll also show how to build a system to hatch your own brine shrimp, and how to collect tiny plankton from the sea that can be used in this experiment. FInally, because some of these creatures are really tiny, we’ll also show how to make really simple, cheap “microscopes” to make the invisible visible!

👉 https://twitter.com/PickeringLabUCD

MadeByCliff: Ergonomic folding laptop stand

While are all working from home these days, our ergonomic work environment has been left behind. James Clifford created a laptop stand which raises the laptop to the correct height and also folds away when you’re not using it. It also becomes a case for your keyboard, mouse and other peripherals when folded.

👉 http://Instagram.com/madebycliff

MakerMeetIE: Paper Tower Challenge

Participants will need to try and build a tower made from paper. However, NO tape or other sticky materials can be used… JUST paper! Oh, did we forget to say it should support at least a 100g weight? 😉

👉 http://www.makermeet.ie/events

Megan Scott (artist) / Chester Beatty: DIY Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask

Make a medieval style plague doctor mask with a steampunk twist

👉 http://www.cargocollective.com/meganscott
👉 https://twitter.com/CBL_Dublin

Ripcoder Club: Mini Arduino Hand Held Game Console

Spain Hughes will build a Mini Arduino Handheld Game Console inspired by the much loved Chrome off-line T-Rex game.

She will show you how to minimize your project with a LCD I2C Interface Adapter 1602 2004 PCF8574 and a digispark or a node-Mcu. This is an option for those with Arduinos without enough pins.

👉 https://ripcoder.com

South Dublin Radio Club: Build ANTENNA & Receive Weather Satellite Images

South Dublin Radio Club will build a 137 MHz V-dipole receiving antenna for weather satellites – and demonstrate it in action by decoding Weather Satellite images (if we get a conveniently timed satellite pass!)

👉 https://twitter.com/SDRadioClub

Maker-a-Day All Events

We have finalised the Maker-a-Day programme, so help us spread word around with #ScienceWeekMaker.

ℹ️ Click on links below for more info on the individual Maker-a-Day event including live-stream video:-

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Any questions, you can contact us at info@dublinmaker.ie.

— The Dublin Maker Team

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