29 Oct 2020

Maker-a-Day: Thursday with Fab Lab Maker Hub

Maker-a-Day Thur with Fab Lab Maker Hub

We have Stuart Lawn from Fab Lab Maker Hub joining our Maker-a-Day during Science Week showing you how to do basic 3D modelling in Tinkercad.

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13:00 – 14:00

Fab Lab Maker Hub: Lego Modelling in Tinkercad

The workshop will show how to do basic 3D modelling in Tinkercad and then how to use the Bricks function in Tinkercad to convert that to a Digital Lego model. We will show how to get a step by step guide to building that Digital Lego model in the real world using the Lego bricks that you have at home.

Tinkercad is a free online 3D Modelling application that runs in a web browser and can be used on Mac, Windows, iPads or Android Tablets. 
No previous experience of 3D Modelling is necessary as we will take you through the basics of how to create shapes and models in Tinkercad and show some ‘secret’ Tinkerpowers that will super charge your Lego building.

What you will need to participate

📍Where to find Fab Lab Maker Hub

For more info on our other Maker-a-Day events during Science Week, check out https://www.dublinmaker.ie/maker-a-day-at-science-week/ for more details.

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