18 Jul 2018

MakerDojo – You Can Do This

MakerDojo – You Can Do This

You can do this.

That’s the idea for MakerDojo. We’ll show you technology, science, mathematic and engineering projects, mini and large makes, but more importantly, why and how they work, and how you can make them yourselves.

MakerDojo is a club encouraging the general public to explore science and technology in hands-on “hacker” style workshops inspired by the growing Maker movement, a worldwide community of hobbyists, students and enthusiasts who take a creative, DIY approach to technology, science and engineering. We give practical experience of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) areas and the opportunity to become confident inventors, experimenters and creators.

The events are aimed for adults down to Transition Year students to (think 16 and older), however younger people are encouraged attend as part of a family group. If there are any workshops you would like to see covered in the MakerDojo series, contact William Knott in Tyndall National Institute’s MakerSpace Lab or via @TheMakerDojo on Twitter. MakerDojo is made possible due to funding from Science Foundation Ireland #BelieveInScience

This also includes the Deidre Project. She is a Raspberry Pi based Artificial Intelligence face detection system housed in a semi-transparent body… a ghost if you will. You can light up this Deirdre of the Smiles; if you smile for her. The more smiles she sees, the more she’ll light up.

And… you *can* do this at home too.


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