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Bamboo Bike Works

I want to show off my handmade bamboo bicycles. Why? Because bicycles are the most sustainable forms of mechanised transport and when combined with a lightweight material and the world’s fastest-growing plant they reach another level of awesomeness. Not only do they become even more environmentally friendly but they also become something you can build with your own hands, and, of course, power with your own energy. My exhibit would be 3 of my own bamboo bikes, one of which people can try out and see that bamboo really does work! Although bamboo is very light, it offers more tensile strength than steel – it really will hold the weight of any rider! I’ll also have jig with half build bamboo frame to show people how these beautiful machines are made.


MaskCrafter Papercraft workshop

Check out the blog post, Meet the Maker – PaperPetShop

Build your own Avatar – Make a 3D scuplture and bring it to life using LEDS!

Passers-by will get an introduction to: Art and Electricity: Using Conductive/Non-
Conductive Materials and LEDs to Design and Build a 3-D Avatar. We would like to cater for the younger audience attending Dublin Maker, giving them the opportunity to delve in and play with different materials and basically learn whilst having fun at the same time.

Props Factory

Fully finished puppets and a display of mechanisms and different stages of the process

Check out the blog post, Meet the Maker – The Props Factory


A hands on activity using Raspberry Pi Foundation DOTs Boards, allowing visitors of all ages (as young as 3!) create something using electric paint and see it come to life on the screen

Physics Busking – Institute of Physics

Come along to our stand and be amazed and entertained with lots of PHYSICS FUN that you can make yourself

Demonware Makerspace Miscellany

An assortment of various electronic type projects that we have made with Pi’s, Arduinos and the like:
– Arduino temperature logger, sends metrics to a graphite server
– Pi+Arduino Luas Realtime Info Display
– Automated foosball goal detecter and score display
– Pi powered RGB display matrix with various programs, potentially games like Pong or Tetris.

Smart Dublin

Awareness of Smart Dublin projects, i.e. Flooding sensors, Smart Bins, Smart Parking, People Counting Sensors etc. We will also have fun activities, 3d Pens, Virtual Reality(VR) demonstrations. We hope to give out VR headsets.

MIDI Music Instruments & The Power of Touch!

I have designed and produced a number of MIDI circuit designs using the ATmega series of micro-controllers. The designs are based on the Arduino. In particular I would like to demonstrate a number of MIDI Musical instruments including a MIDI Irish Whistle, MIDI touch vibraphone, a MIDI touch Guitar, touch keyboard and touch drums. Show the operation of piezo transducers as force detection sensors for MIDI drums an also as breath pressure sensors for wind controller instruments.

Maths Games and Crafts – Jennifer Kelly

We’ll explore the maths behind games and toys, across a range of themes. We’ll show how to make a range of polyhedra toys (including Archimedan solids) using simple craft materials and test innovative adaptations of classic games. Educational, basic maths instructions, colourful and fun for all ages: primary to 3rd level maths!

Henry’s Piano – Simple Machines – Made Simple

After numerous attempts and spectacular failures, I came up with The Lévó and Henry’s Piano: a tool and a story book to introduce pupils to the maths and science of Simple Machines.
The Lévó is a wooden contraption that uses levers, pulleys and inclined planes to help lift Henry’s Piano. As the children read the storybook about the trials and tribulations of transporting Henry’s Piano across town and up and through the window of his sixth floor apartment, they investigate the simple machines used to facilitate the task.
At each stage of the piano’s journey across town, the children perform hands-on investigations using mathematics and science, and also literacy exercises to help Rosie and Rodney “work it out”.

Check out the blog post, Meet the Maker – Cog & Axle: Simple Machines. Made Simple.

Board Game Designers Ireland

We are a bunch of boardgame designers based in Ireland. We will have family-friendly board games, storytelling games, etc., for the public to play.

Urban Farm

Urban Farm will display/present the AQUAlab 2016 version as exhibited at current Science Gallery Field Test Exhibition. The Dublin Maker exhibit will entail no LED lighting as it will be a Outdoor Greenhouse Version without assisted LED.

Ceramics – Christien Van Bussell

Ceramics demonstrations, throwing etc

Allez les Bleus – Augmented Reality Sandbox

The AR Sandbox leverages the open play and exploration paradigm of a sandbox and uses visualization technology to allow visitors to explore how water interacts with a landscape to form watersheds.

Bunting Bird

“Bunting Bird” is a physical & virtual ‘cuckoo’ clock. It can mimic various Irish bird calls and respond to physical & virtual interactions – physically, and virtually! Tweet the Bunting Bird and it will pop out of it’s house to sing a bird-song and reply to your tweet with a fascinating fact about that bird. Kids can play too: at the stand you can tap pictures of Irish birds to hear what they sound like and learn interesting details about them. Drop over to peek behind the scenes and learn how it all works!


RoboSlam is a robot-building workshop for beginners, which we offer to audiences of different ages and backgrounds in a variety of settings. The workshops are staffed entirely by volunteers, most of whom are engineering teachers or students from DIT Kevin St. The primary aim of RoboSlam is to promote STEM education by giving people a flavour of what it is engineers do and especially how they create smart things that move.

Wood Turning

Dublin’s East-Central Chapter of the Irish Woodturner’s Guild will be along to demonstrate how to carve bowls, bangles, lightsabers, pens …. wait, LIGHTSABERS?? Yep! Spinning chunks of wood at 2000rpm and poking them with sharpened metal. What could do wrong?

MED3DP – 3D Printed Medical Devices On-demand

MED3DP is an initiative from the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, for the use of additive manufacturing in clinical settings.
MED3DP designs are primarily aimed for use in low-resource and disaster settings. These are the situations where on-demand medical devices would benefit the patients and healthcare professionals most. Our focus is on lowering costs and increasing accessibility.
In this year, 2016, our designs include reworking of popular medical tools such as tendon hammers, asthma spacers, resuscitation masks, surgical tools, stethoscopes, neck braces and wound closure devices, to name a few.
We would like to showcase these medical devices which we have designed or reengineered for 3D printers. We would also like to bring one of our Ultimakers to demonstrate our devices being built.

ReCreate’s Creations

ReCreate collects end of line materials for imaginative re-use that inspires and encourages creativity. This year at Dublin Maker, ReCreate will display their wonderful inventions made from their unusual and diverse selection of art materials. Using plastics, cardboard, fabrics, unwanted electrical devices we will create a world of wonder and invite all to lend a hand.

Giant Circuit Board

It’s an interactive toy that teaches the basics of electronic circuitry and components.

Bowsie Workshop

We are going to show people, especially kids now to make models, puppets and special effects. We would also like to bring our scale model of the GPO and Dublin City Centre (and its destruction) as used for our short movie “A Terrible hullaballoo”. Given the centenary of the 1916 rising and its relation to Dublin city this model really demonstrates how hands on making is still an integral part of film making.

Check out the blog post, Meet the Maker – Bowsie Workshop

Hatala Mosaics

All of my work is about using discarded materials such as broken glass, tiles, eggshell, newspapers. I believe crafting is good for the soul and using discarded materials is great for the planet. Why don’t we connect these two things together and think about trash as treasure. Save the environment and your money and create unique and useful things from rubbish. Upcycling is our future.

National Homebrew Club

We are the National Homebrew Club with smaller local clubs all around the country. We would like to show people how simple the process of making your own beer is and get more people interested in the hobby. We will also run a ‘little me’ brewing demonstration and some brewing experiments on the day to show exactly how easy it is and also the innovation and craft involved. We hope to be able to answer any questions people have about homebrewing and how to get started or improve their skills.


We want to show a variety of projects made in our space, from laser cut items to 3D prints. Our Ozobots will also be on hand to show how we help kids learn basic coding principles in a fun way.

The Synthetic Kingdom

The demonstration of SynArt with a wider focus of showcasing modern Synthetic Biology, and explaining to the public more detail about the growing field. This would form part of our public engagement for the TCD iGEM team 2016. iGEM is an international synthetic biology competition for students.

Check out the blog post, Meet the Maker – TCD iGEM

ReCreate’s Creations

ReCreate collects end of line materials for imaginative re-use that inspires and encourages creativity. This year at Dublin Maker, ReCreate will display their wonderful inventions made from their unusual and diverse selection of art materials. Using plastics, cardboard, fabrics, unwanted electrical devices we will create a world of wonder and invite all to lend a hand.

The Secret Library

The libraries of the Alliance française, Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantès and Istituto Italiano di Cultura, are coming together to unveil their many secrets and treasures. From inventing a new language to unveiling the potential of book upcycling, we will unleash creative skills you never thought you had!

Walking cane for the visually impaired using LiDAR

This project was done as part of my thesis for Mechanical Engineering degree in GMIT. It is comprised of a 3D printed handle with a rotating laser distance(LiDAR) measurement sensor attached at the end. This sensor serves to aid the user in obstacle avoidance by alerting via an attached bracelet that they wear. The bracelet contains 3 vibrating motors corresponding with left, right and straight ahead. The motors increase in intensity the closer the user walk towards an obstacle. 2 ultrasonic sensors are also employed to alert the user the over-hanging or low objects that might be missed by the LiDAR, since the LiDAR can only map in 2 dimensions.

Creative Spark Print Studio

Learn to Print with Creative Spark
Ignite your creative spark with the help of Heather and her mobile printing studio.

TechSpace – Camara Ireland

We will showcase the TechSpace Maker Programme and TechSpace Network, with over 51 youth development sites for people to join across the country, with partners like Foroige, YMCA and Youth Work Ireland. we will also have an interactive table where young people can make, holograms, scribble bots, makey makey and play with el wire, led lights.

Modular Origami

This workshop will be a collaborative origami-making effort. Throughout the day, visitors will be shown how to fold a simple Sonobe unit module. These modules can be connected (without glue or tape) to make impressive polyhedral sculptures. Everybody’s work can be utilised to make larger pieces (of up to 90 modules) than would be practical for one person working alone.
The colourful exhibit space will be decorated with many example polyhedra and visitors can take home a sheet of instructions for folding a Sonobe unit. We will also discuss origami’s connections to maths and making complex structures out of simple components.
The workshop will be led by me, Andrew Healy (Stitch’n’Glitch exhibitor from 2013). I have run many craft and technical workshops for people of all ages. I have made modular origami polyhedra for shop window displays and wedding decorations.


ByteSized is a two player puzzle platformer computer game designed to teach children about computer science


Drones,Lego,Bebots learner maker

App Inventing in the Park- Maynooth Maker Space

We will show attendees how to really quickly create their own apps using App Inventor (like Scratch but for mobile apps). We will have 10 or so hands-on learning stations (laptops installed with the app creation software). Attendees with Android phones will be shown how to create an app in about 30 mins. A number of apps based around the theme of exploring the Merrion Square environment will be used as the basis for this experience. Sample apps include measuring tree heights, park landmark treasure hunts (based on QR codes) and a Harry Potter style “Marauder’s Map” – called the Maker’s Map.

Check out the blog post, Meet the Maker – App Inventing in the Park: Maynooth Maker Space

South East Makerspace

We hope to showcase various individual and collaborative projects currently under development by our members.

The Rapid Foundation

The Rapid foundations goal is to to empower people by providing them with access to open sourced technologies, including 3D printing, Virtual Reality, low cost electronics and open source programs. We will display some of our work in the above areas.

Lightbox Labs

Rasberry Pi’s Arduinos with programing involved, and make and do Science projects We are looking at Goo and robots as projects this year and anything else we think is fun for kids of all ages.


Pulse jet bike, a bike will be fitted with a small pulse jet, can be demoed in the park.
Body Beat music, An MP3 speaker hooked up to a microcontroller which makes a stick figure dance in time to music. This project is interactive and lets anyone come along and play their own music.
A zome, a geodesic dome made out of cardboard, this will be desk-top prototype.
Duck Shooting, standard laser pointer as a gun and a sensor tat drops the duck if you hit the target.
A lock picking/door display
A possible combination of a laser maze and an escape room, this will need it’s own tent. the laser maze requires a smoke machine. / A combination of an android app and a miniature locked door. The door is opened by answering clues that make up the password, which then releases the lock and the door swings open. There will also be information on good password policies, like a list of commonly passwords cracked by hackers and the benefits of having long passwords, i.e a long password with multiple words is better than a short password consisting of numbers, symbols and letters.


We want to show off all the different projects you can walk in and make with us whenever it takes your fancy. Our projects range from doodling robots to ipod speakers, from clocks to radios, from catapults to voice recorders.
We will also bring along some of the gadgets from our workshop such as arduinos, raspberry pis, makey makeys, our MAKESHOP oscilloscope and much more.

dlrLexIcon Makers

dlr LexIcon library makers, we run workshops and have a weekly meetup to work on our projects.

FabLab Limerick

Exhibition laser cut and CNC projects produced at Fab Lab Limerick.

Home Skateboard Building

Home skateboard building

Virtual Reality Racing

VR racing platform

Mouse Ears

A computer mouse with Heart rate and Perspiration Sensors, with a computer based algorithm that judges a user’s emotional state, and adapts content based on that data.

Trinity Walton Club

Trinity Walton Club is an informal STEM education club for second level students at Trinity College Dublin where students come form all over Ireland and further develop their STEM skills. On the programme, they work alongside STEM PhD students and engage in 3 streams of activities, physics, maths and tech+eng. At the end of the year they students get to work on a STEM problem and write up a poster, build a device or even make a film about it. They have some cool IOT projects where they demonstrate their newly developed STEM knowledge and skills.


PewPew – Space invaders with a dive and a twist

Fab Foundation Ireland

Fab Foundation Ireland will demonstrate FabLab activities and past projects, and offer info/ advice to anyone considering establishing a FabLab.


ARCKIT is a freeform model making system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your architectural projects to life. The system uses interconnecting components that are completely modular and based on modern panelled building techniques, making it possible to create a diverse range of scaled structures that can be quickly assembled and endlessly modified.



The WildAREness Project and SymmeTREE

Schoolchildren have made 2 Tiny Forests in our school (One “ARE” in size, i.e. 100 square metres) and have started a third one in our local park. We have matched them in the Global South. Easy Treesy.

Iinanimate life / a car door

Art installation – inanimate object lies randomly on the ground. Triggered motion controlled sensors activate kinetic properties. Meaning (example) a
broken smashed car door comes to life. The window slides open or closed
w/ motion (PIR) interaction. The idea is perception. Something discarded,
inanimate. Which once had life. Once did something. Now titches to life,
unexplained. No visible power source. Hence creating the illusion of mild
intelligence. Struggling for life or alluding to innate memory.
This type of work is referred to as site specific. Subtle social interventions.

‘The Workshop’: The benefits of ‘making’ with young people

I’ve been running ‘making’ workshops with young people aged 14-25 of mixed abilities and often with difficult learning histories. The approaches used echo the work of Seymour Papert’s (often called ‘the father of the maker movement’) prison fablab as well as researchers in the Exploratorium in San Francisco. These workshops have shown that ‘making’ with young people is highly engaging, can promote social awareness and build many personal and practical skills. I would like to share some of the attitudes and outlooks that have shaped these workshops as well as the positive outcomes I’ve seen. An informal discussion can then be facilitated where people can share their ideas and experiences around this topic.


Drones,Lego,Bebots learner maker

Soul & Strings

Bossa Nova, Samba and Brazilian Popular Music

Chime Cave or Sensory Cave

An 8ft x 8ft tall circular space with different types of metal chimes and other small instruments. tub of small sticks so people can play the chimes. the whole unit is mostly recycled materials especially the chimes as some are old scaffolding pipes and plumbing pipes. its fun, different and for anyone to interact with.