Unraveling the Knot-  An Exploration of Celtic & Japanese Knots

This Unraveling the Knot workshop explores cultural knot traditions of Japan and Ireland in a fun simple circuitry project. Using pipe cleaners, LED lights and 3V coin cell batteries, participants will create light-up cultural knots and share personal knotting stories on post-it notes (stories will be shared back on project website). Collaboratively exploring knot art traditions can be a creative way to build connections among communities and to explore the common threads that bind us.

Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam – DOTs

What happens if you mix conductive paint, Raspberry Pis and Minecraft? You get DOTs boards of course!
Suitable for ages 4 and up, the DOTs board activity involves filling in a simple dot to dot on a circuit board, then attaching it to a Raspberry Pi to check the result. The result is displayed in Minecraft Pi Edition and depends on what was painted, as to what is shown on screen.
This year, we have built a set of new DOTs boards and new software so participants have a choice of which dot to dot they want to give a go!


PaperPetShop have created an amazing selection of paper pets, paper trophies and paper masks that you can simply download, print out and create. These entertain both young and old and unleash your creativity by decorating your model.

Physics Busking

We are a gang of physicists, teachers and researchers whose mission is to bring science to the public through interactive activities and demos. Physics Busking is organised by Castel DCU and the Institute of Physics, and supported by Science Foundation Ireland. Join our ” Make-N-Take ” to make all kinds of fun scientific stuff.

Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers

Demonstrating weaving and spinning. If space and time allows members of the public may also try their hand at it.

Enable Ireland – Make a difference

We want to promote the making of Assistive Technology solutions, particularly in the areas of creativity and leisure. Previous projects we would like to show are a RánBot, a Bodhrán that can be played using eyegaze input (although we may look at using a different access method more appropriate to the environment at Dublin Maker). The Bodhrán is played using a combination of solenoids (beat rhythm on skin and rim) and car door actuators to regulate skin tension from the back of the drum). There are some videos here and here. We would also like to demo LOMI (Light Operated MIDI Interface) prototype. LOMI is an open hardware project designed and built by IADT Dun Laoghaire Creative Media Technologies student Rudolf Triebel. It is based on a project brief supplied by Enable Ireland AT service to build a hands free MIDI interface inspired by the design classic LOMAK. LOMI uses a head mounted laser pointer and an array of photoresistors connected to an Arduino Mega to generate MIDI. Read full post here.

Rudolf has created an Instructable here and it is his and our hope that others will build their own and progress the design.
Finally we would like to demo the Flipmouse and hopefully get contact details from makers willing to build a Flipmouse for people in their community. The FlipMouse is a computer access device that incorporates a low force joystick, sip&puff input as well as switch input. It is built from a kit supplied, designed and supported by the Assistive Technology group at the UAS Technikum Wien  (Department of Embedded Systems) and funded by the City of Vienna ToRaDes project and AsTeRICS Academy project. The Flipmouse is a well documented (detailed, illustrated build manual) versatile computer access/gaming solution that costs one tenth of similar proprietary devices while offering much greater functionality.
We would also like to present some challenges that people with disabilities have come to us with. A couple we are working on are trying to increase the accessibility of Blind-Tennis using technology and giving blind bowlers the ability to hear their score read out to them.

The Props Factory

At the Prop Factory we are full time makers
We will be showcasing some of our props, puppets and effects pieces
We will also be displaying elements from our creative process, molds, casts and materials.
We will discuss how we approach problems and challenges from a modelmaking perspective, part of this involves designing and making our own workshop jigs and tools.
We will have a purpose built project, a game table, for this years Fair.

National Home Brew Club Ireland

Display home brewing related equipment, ingredients & home brewing techniques to the general public. Also demonstrate & discuss principles of brewing and fermentation in the context of a home brewing environment.

Irish Woodturners Guild

The Irish Woodturners’ Guild was founded in 1983. Since then it has flourished and now has over 700 members and comprises of 20 Chapters.  Several woodturners from the Irish Woodturners Guild will show various kinds of wood turning!


Creative Spark Print Studio

Creative Spark provides an infrastructure to support the development of creative and innovative start-up enterprises. They provide practical opportunities for through the provision of training and opportunities within the creative industries and technology sectors. They have ceramics, glass and printmaking facilities in Dundalk so they brought Creative Spark Print Studio to Dublin Maker with their mobile print studio so all can try their hand at screen-print for themselves.

Stopmotion Frontières

A look at the stopmotion process and methods developed during the production of our animated films, including cut-out prototyping and paint on glass methods; bringing together traditional animation techniques and cutting edge technology.


At this year’s Dublin Maker, Camara Education Ireland will have young people from a Dublin based TechSpace group exhibiting their very first Maker project. This group of young people from The Big Picture in Tallaght will be using the Makey Makey to it’s full potential to create an experimental art installation for attendees to enjoy. These TechSpacers have recently been introduced to the world of Maker education and are currently in the design process for their upcoming project. The project is being filmed from start to finish by students from the BA Digital Media at Maynooth University. The film will showcase their new Maker skills with behind the scenes footage of what it means to be a young Maker and their journey to the Dublin Maker event. As the official Community Partner of Dublin Maker, here at TechSpace, we can’t wait to show you what we are working on at Merrion Square on 22nd July 2017. This year Camara Education Ireland was delighted to receive national funding from The Science Foundation of Ireland through our partnership with the National Youth Council of Ireland. We will deliver the Maker training to over 70 youth organisations over the next two years. Over 320+ youth workers will be trained to build their knowledge, skills and confidence to facilitate Maker activities with young people. This opportunity makes for an exciting year ahead, so keep an eye on our website or our Facebook: TechSpace-Creative-Learning-for-Young-People for more updates.

Planet Zebunar

Planet Zebunar is a new space themed STEM product to engage 7-10 year olds. It combines offline and online elements to engage the different ways that children play and learn. Inclusive, educational, galactic adventures for the next generation!


Our exhibit encourages children to take an interest in technology by helping them build (and keep) low cost robots.

SWICN Clubhouse

We are a youth service and we will have a stand with some of our young members showcasing some of the maker projects that they have worked on, including 3d printed work and some makey makey projects, as well as demonstrating how to make things like draw bots. The stall will be interactive and led by the young members.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Replica

A almost 1:1 recreation of the world famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Designed to be used in a stage show between 2010-2011, this car has featured across Ireland at various shows (both vintage and theatrical) and on the Late Late Toy Show.


DEEP is a VR game controlled by breathing

Printastic Project

Waste up-cycling and recycling project using low cost tools to allow people to upgrade waste materials (plastic bottles in particular).

The Rapid Foundation

3d printing charity project aimed as sending 3d printers overseas to encourage innovation and creativity in low resource areas.

SunRisa: Wake up happy!

I have invented and built a number of dawn simulators to help wake up on dark or gloomy mornings. I will exhibit my latest, SunRisa v.3, and describe the making processes involved: mechanical design with CAD, CNC machining, electronics design and fab, optical design, Arduino coding, Bluetooth App development.


Showing off some of the things we do at our makerspace

3D printed full scale BB8 Droid from Star Wars

Real life BB8 droid from Star Wars The Force Awakens, 3d printed using the files designed and generously shared by members of BB8 Builders Club. I wanted to build this robot after I saw the first trailer in 2015. Luckily there are more people with similar dream and great 3d design skills. They created the community, studied each frame of the movie and recreated 3d files which we can now download and print at home on 3d printers. It is huge project, requiring few hundreds of hours of printing time and tens of hours sanding and polishing each piece. It often takes over a year to build fully remote controlled droid, I am only few months into this project but will bring to Dublin Maker at least the full scale static model with animatronic features. Meet in person this cute little robot as seen on the big screen.


Med3DP is an initiative to develop on-demand medical devices for humanitarian healthcare using 3D printing technology.This initative is in association with Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin.

South East Makerspace

We have a number of projects which we have built individually and collaboratively at SEMS. Bartop Arcade (Raspberry Pi Arcade machine), Sound Cloud (Sound/Music activated light installation in the shape of a cloud), Giant Buzzwire, Jigsaw Dinosaurs (Wooden Jigsaw dinosaurs), 3d Printer, few electronic trinkets such as 555 timer music organ etc etc.

Maker Dojo – Screamer

MakerDojo is a club encouraging the general public to explore science and technology in hands-on “hacker” style workshops inspired by the growing Maker movement, a worldwide community of hobbyists, students and enthusiasts who take a creative, DIY approach to technology, science and engineering. We give practical experience of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) areas and the opportunity to become confident inventors, experimenters and creators.

The Scream Queen and Scream King are extensions of workshops from earlier in the year. Everything in a computer is a number, sensors give numbers to be interpreted. Well, what happens if you decide to interpret them as sound. The Queen uses soil moisture sensors as her “crown”. The sensors are calibrated for the moisture of human skin, and touching the spikes allows a measurement which is turned in to a tone. Different hands may yield different results. The King is using ultrasonic “eyes” to measure how far away you are. And that measurement works like a theremin to pulse your distance.

We’ll also have details on how to make your own when you go home…


ARCKIT is a freeform model making system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your architectural projects to life. The system uses interconnecting components that are completely modular and based on modern panelled building techniques, making it possible to create a diverse range of scaled structures that can be quickly assembled and endlessly modified.

Fab Foundation Ireland

Fab Foundation Ireland is a network of FabLabs and associated organisations across the island of Ireland. We’ll have a pop up FabLab showing digital design and fabrication in action where you can try making something using our cool equipment.

Learn Programming without Computers

I design and 3D-print toys (based on marble runs) which I use to teach the fundamental programming techniques. It’s based on my experiences as a classroom teacher (I used to teach Computer Science to children aged 7-11 and 12-18)

Hatala Mosaics

All of my work is about using discarded materials such as broken glass, tiles, eggshell, newspapers. I believe crafting is good for the soul and using discarded materials is great for the planet. Why don’t we connect these two things together and think about trash as treasure. Save the environment and your money and create unique and useful things from rubbish. Upcycling is our future.


Visitors to the Fraktalismus stand will interact with a machine (The Fraktalizer) to create a unique fractal image that gets printed on a postcard to take away.

Essentially, the generated fractals are mathematical patterns that are both mysterious and interesting to look at. Currently, I’m using variations on what mathematicians call Julia Sets. I’m experimenting with different modes of interaction that would allow each visitor to create a completely unique pattern by varying some input parameters to the algorithm or by providing a source image of some kind that gets fraktalized (e.g. a sketch on paper or a picture of their face).

I plan to give each visitor their own personal fractal to take away as a fully functioning postcard, complete with lines on the back to write an address, a place to stick a stamp, etc. I also hope to include a tiny C program in the small print on the back of the postcard to generate the same image at home.

The ElectroLab

We offer simple and creative introductions to STEAM education. We propose to set up three stations that will be fun for all ages: 1) Conductive Clay where visitors create clay compositions that conduct electricity to light LEDs, 2) Graphite Controllers where visitors create triggers for sound compositions using pencil drawings controlling a computer programme via a Makey Makey and 3) Doodlebots where visitors create their own motor-propelled characters that doodle in our bot gallery.

Rockets, Robots & Marbles

We will demonstrate different ways to power rockets, cars, boats and more. There will also be demonstrations of varying types of robots used in coding and an interactive marble run the public are asked to join in with!

Boardgame Designers Ireland

We’re a group of boardgame designers (mainly in Dublin) who meet once a month, to make and test our boardgames. Several of us have now released commercial products, won awards, etc. As well as showing some of our games, prototypes, and design process, we plan on having a super-sized boardgame to play on the lawn.

Multi bow harp

An interactive sound installation based on the idea of the Egyptian bow harp with a modern twist. 5 steel curves strung with 5 wires each to make harp like sounds joined together at the center. This is suitable for all ages as it’s 5ft tall and also sits on the ground. All five curves are different sizes so will make different notes. Pictures of a mini representation included.

Crafty science

We’re not sure yet, but our 3 musketeer kids(4/7/9 yrs) love building things, love science & love your festival so we are trying to convince them to dream up a science craft project to do with other kids at Dublin maker. Experiement generally involve explosions and propelling things with water so the sky is the limit.

TOG Hackerspace

General exhibit of our projects and activities.


We have tons of lego brickx for everyone to build to the stars- fun for all ages fron 2-100. No pressure just build for fun. We will build the tallest lego building possible and try to get people to build one as well. Creativity is the idea

The Dark Tent

Enter the blacked-out part of the marquee to see LED and other lighting projects in their full glory! Projects include a jar full of “fireflies”, a lamp made of CDs, a Colour Stealing Cloak and a hat that always knows where North is.

Astronomy board game – A travel through the space

Educational board games have the potential to provide intrinsically motivating learning experiences that immerse and engage the learner. The benefit provided by board games is a motivating environment reinforced with a personalised learning experience. During this activity people will play an astronomy board game and know more about stars, nebula, planets, galaxy, asteroids, robot of exploration, rocket, the moon, space probe, supernova, eclipse and quasar, and the physics them.The proposed game consists of an astronomy board game. The three main obstacles are the “?”, “Challenge” and “Who am I?” cards. The “?” and the “Challenge” cards have questions ranging from basic to advanced difficulty levels. The “Who am I?” card has pictures of various scientists, researchers and astronomers who contributed to the development of astronomy.

Word Clock

What can be achieved with 3D printing, electronics and a little coding.

Creative Media Technologies

We will be showcasing some of the third year projects from IADTs Creative Media Technologies programme.

Maynooth University Makers Club

We will be showcasing an eclectic collection of projects from Maynooth University Makers club around the areas of (i) interactive brain computer interfacing (ii) wearable computing (iii) sound and entertainment and (iv) health and wellness technology demos and (v) robotics system

Pop-Up Library

The 4 cultural institutions in Dublin are proposing to set up and animate a small pop-up library on Merrion square during the Dublin Makers event.
We propose to set up a tastefully decorated and comfortable lounge space with a variety of books in 5 languages, together with games and tablets. The space will aim at inviting the Dublin Makers audience to take a rest and take part in an activity (full programme tbc) such as:
– create a “cloud story” on the wall (with post-it),
– recycling old books,
– writing poems and create bookmarks with them,
– create a book.
(all activities will be playing with English, German, Spanish, Italian and French)

Throughout the day, we will be showcasing the need for inventiveness inherent to engaging with a library, from using digital technology to providing for disabilities to the many ways of recycling old books.


We’re a shop and workshop space, part of Science Gallery Dublin, running workshops in basic electronics and mixing art, science, technology and design. We’ll have examples of our regular workshops on show, as well as interactive DIY musical instruments and games powered by Makey Makey and Raspberry Pi.

Quark Hackathon

We are planning our next Hackathon in the coming weeks.
We are settling on the theme. It is between Toys that Observe the Physical World or Autonomous Driving. The autonomous driving would be to explore how different systems might work in a world of self driving cars (either on the car itself or on the road). We are going to build a miniature town to test out the prototypes.

Fun by Music

Instruments making

Trinity Walton Club STEM Projects

Trinity Walton Club is a Science Technology Engineering and Technology Club for teens based in TCD. Students work on STEM projects and build prototypes they can showcase at the end of the year.