Makers 2018


Lasers Live

Ever wondered why a light bulb brightens up a whole room while a laser produces only a very narrow beam of light? Lasers Live will demonstrate how light is a form of energy, how different colours interact differently, and how lasers can provide us with technologies that were the stuff of dreams just a decade ago. Experts from the Centre for Plasma Physics, Queen’s University Belfast, will be on hand to explain these topics and many more. A unique opportunity for adults and children alike to discover how research by laser and plasma physicists at Queen’s is playing a leading role in how our future world will look.

Paper Programming

A collection of interactive exhibits which allow visitors to create and/or control things by drawing or writing on paper. Indicative pieces:

  1. Control a robot claw to grab a prize
  2. Control a music synthesizer by drawing a tune
  3. Create a room in an online game by drawing it on paper.

We’re eager to try new things this year, so we did some brainstorming and agreed on “paper programming” as our unifying theme. The idea is to make our stand even more interactive than previous years and help a larger number of visitors to create something strange and intriguing that’s unique to them.

Irish Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers

Our group aims to promote and support the crafts of weaving, spinning, and dyeing throughout the country. One of the main ways that we do this is by demonstrating at public events. We love getting out, talking to people, and showing them what yarn is all about, right from the fleece to the woven cloth. For our exhibit, we will have members of the Guild demonstrating spinning on wheels and drop spindles, and weaving using a variety of looms. Audience participation is encouraged. We encourage everyone who stops by our stand to to have a go on one of our wheels, drop spindles, or looms.

CoderDojo Escape Room Challenge

The CoderDojo team will invite participants to create their own escape room during the Dublin Maker Day. We aim to inspire with some of our own ideas, and support people to create at the stand. Participants can also challenge themselves to complete the escape room challenge.


On the day we plan to exhibit the four programmes that TechSpace offer training and support in through a variety of project exhibitions:

  • NYCI TechSpace STEM in Youth Work Programme
  • STEM Based Youth Projects from Involve Trim
  • Makey Makey Games
  • 3D Printing
  • Holograms

Clar TechSpace

  • STEM as Gaeilge!
  • Makey Makey through Irish

CS³ Programme

  • Microbits – Code your own LED Smiley Face
  • Storytelling with CS First – RPG about Dublin Maker

TechSpace Digital Media

  • Quiver – Drawings to life with Augmented Reality
  • Video Mapping

Camara Education

  •  Low cost refurbished laptops and desktops for educational use

Playtest Dublin

We’ll be showing boardgames that have been developed in Playtest Dublin – a local analogue game development group.

Louise Nolan – Designer Maker

I am a designer, maker and educator and I would like to show some of my projects. I am making an etching press for my print work from an old cast iron mangle. Its nearly finished and I would like to demonstrate printing with it at the event. I also make projects to teach steam skills to primary and secondary school children (and myself!!).


3D printing medical devices for disaster zones and third world countries where supplies are limited.

Med3DP is an initiative to develop on-demand medical devices for humanitarian healthcare using 3D printing technology. Med3DP currently hosts a wide range of projects complete with ready-to-print files, documentation and other helpful information. This initiative is in association with Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin.
We are building a digital library of low-cost medical equipment available for download for unlimited humanitarian use. Our goal is to make sustainable solutions to reduce poverty and deliver healthcare in the most challenging places to those who need it the most.


We’d like to show the outcomes of our course to make programmed embroideries through the free and open TurtleStitch software. We want to share our experience and demonstrate the embroidery machine in action and let participants make their own at the show. We will bring the embroidery machine and some laptops to create patterns together with all the textiles needed.

BB8 and his evil brother BB9E

I will bring with me my last year, full scale BB 8 with improved paint job and new addition to my robots family, BB 9E. E stands for evil, but don’t be afraid, this droid is friendly and open for selfies 🙂 I am still working on it, but most of the model will be finished on time. Parts are 3d printed and sanding and polishing already started. It will have LEDs, sound and animated head. Bring your friends and family for one chance to see these characters life, without going to Disneyland!

Raspberry Pi DOTs Boards

The Raspberry Pi DOTs boards are simple little boards that have a dot-to-dot sequence of pads. You use a special electronic paint to do this dot-to-dot that when put onto the Raspberry Pi, can be detected and builds the final image in Minecraft.

STEM is for Everyone

Involve youth Project Meath’s first try at STEM


RS Ireland believe in giving you more than the right parts, from connecting you to like-minded people with different areas of expertise to giving you free access to powerful design tools and resources, DesignSpark is our online sharing community where we want to support you in realising your creative potential.

Kitchen Table Top Science

You’ve heard the warnings “Don’t do this at home”, well, we’re going to have a collection of projects that you can do at home, literally on the kitchen table.

IOPI – Physics Busking

We are a gang of physicists, teachers and researchers whose mission is to bring science to the public through interactive activities and demos. Physics Busking is organised by Castel DCU and the Institute of Physics, and supported by Science Foundation Ireland. Join our ” Make-N-Take ” to make all kinds of fun scientific stuff.

Love Ink Paper Scissors

I make stationery and would love to get people, kids & adults alike, to make notebooks (make, bind, decorate), cards (paper folding, collage, pop up) and funky diy envelopes, and design their own stamps and magnets, to take home a small stationery set they have made themselves. I would like to get people to try different simple and fun techniques to see how much they can make themselves and enjoy the creative process. I will provide inexpensive, and where possible recycled & eco friendly materials, such as paper, card, stickers, string, beads etc… for this workshop. I hope everyone will have a fun time making something unique.

Making the Props of Comic Con

We would show off props and costumes we have made for use at Comic Con and other events along with the molds showing how they are created right down to the final piece, similar to the display we had at DCC

Trinity Walton Club

Trinity Walton Club is STEM club for teens based at Trinity College Dublin. Students work on STEM projects, research and build prototypes on themes such as sustainable world and smart homes.

Maker Meet – Hands-On Making for All Ages!

We will be exhibiting lots of materials, technology and workshops for students, parents and educators – or anyone really!

Creative Spark Print Studio

This year at Dublin Maker we will be screen-printing on the day so come along for a chat and have a go at screen-printing.

Scrap yarn revived. Wind it up for the homeless!

The average knitter or crocheter will buy yarn regularly and at the end of each project, either simple or complex, there will always be some leftovers. As they are, leftovers cannot be easily reused due to their short length and diversity, so they end up being kept in a box. Revived yarn collect the scrap yarn that every knitter and crocheter owns and join them together to obtain good quality, reusable balls of yarn. From these Revived balls, we obtain scarves, hats, gloves, all at zero cost. Through these donations, the Dublin knitting community is helping homeless people to be warmer and feel still loved and appreciated.
Also, by giving a new value to what was once considered scrap, we can reduce the amount of waste introduced into the environment and the CO2 emissions that would otherwise be released if we decided to produce and buy new yarn.

Magik Mirror

In the last Science Hack Day Dublin (last month!) we built a smart mirror called Magik Mirror, which won the category People’s Choice Award sponsored by Dublin Maker

We used a two way mirror in front of a screen which reflects the image but also display what’s in the screen. This was combined with a google assistant and allowed the user to give voice commands and display things in the mirror.

We are currently improving what we built in the Science Hack Day, adding some functionalities like:

  • Add some sensors to detect when someone is in front of the mirror
  • Take a picture and add a new layer on the top. E.g. to add some clothes, a new haircut, a leprechaun hat, snapchat filters, etc
  • Add some games, like pacman

The idea in the Dublin Maker day is to display this mirror and let people play with it.

Capital Brewers & TOG Brewers

We will demonstrate brewing, ingredients and cool equipment to makers and visitors.

Paper Pet Shop

Projection mapping papercraft

PI Batle Mode

The CamJam EduKit 3 is a kit for Raspberry Pi which comes with some accessories/pieces to build a car, but the main point is that it doesn’t come with a chassi – you have to build your own! So every car is unique. Only build your own car is fun enough, but we will make it even more interesting! We have 3 kits, so we can build 3 different cars. And after that we will make a Battle Mode (like the one in Mario Kart!). Each car will be made with cardboard and have a Raspberry Pi inside with everything set up, a stick and a balloon. The cars will be controlled using a PS3 controller.

The idea in the Dublin Maker day is to let people play with it, and the objective is to blow the others balloons and keep yours safe!
We can also organize some workshops during the day to let people build their own car and try it in the game!

East Central Woodturners Chapter

We spin wood real fast and use sharp tools!

TOG, Dublin’s Hackerspace

TOG has a mix of members’ projects to show off at Dublin Maker.

  • A Raspberry Pi Obstacle Avoidance platform for the Vision Impaired
  • Light up interactive Duck
  • A giant lock made of wood to demonstrate how Lock Picking works.
  • Duck Feeding Frenzy Game
  • Guide a remotely controlled duck around the pond before feeding time runs out.
  • Radioquactivity – A duck built on tank threads (small ones) that includes a Geiger Counter.
  • One of our members used the workshop to make a games cabinet out of wood, it’s fitted with a lot of retro games.
  • Microchip Microscope Display – A microscope that will be connected to a large screen, used to display the inside of a microchip.
  • Duck shooting is back and it’s going to be better than ever
  • A real life Wireshark! – A wire sculpture that displays network activity
  • Pressure sensor game
  • A working 3D Printer,
  • Skull Radio

South East MakerSpace (SEMS)

Waterford MakerSpace will demonstrate some of their current projects


Digital fabrication and maker space.

Fab Foundation Ireland

Fab Foundation Ireland works to support the operation and development of FabLabs on the island of Ireland.

Something Handmade. Something Lace

Our skills of making lace items in fine Irish crochet

The Rapid Foundation

Exhibiting 3d printers and the work of the rapid foundation, producing prosthetics and other objects overseas using 3d printers.

Dublin Men’s Shed

We’re making speakers from Whiskey Barrels with electronic music


We are a group of scientists from UCD School of Medicine who want to show how we use 3D printed and DIY microscopes and other lab equipment to explore extraordinary micro marine life. We’ll demonstrate simple experiments looking at behaviour in comb jellies (see our picture below), our microscope hacked from a 3D printer, and also some of our interactive 3D printed human anatomy.

Paint by the Pints

We are bringing painting classes to social settings in Dublin. We’d like to set up a stand where people can pop in and try their hand at painting or colouring a greeting card with the help of our makers!

80’s Coder Dojo – DCU-MU MusicTech

The DCU Insight and Computing team will be showcasing a number of  projects highlighting new ideas in social behavioural science, physical  computing and most fun of all a return to the past with an 80’s Coder Dojo session on vintage hardware.

Read more in the Meet the Maker blog post

Maynooth University Makers Club

The Maynooth Uni Makers Club will be showcasing some of their classic music hacks and synthesiser projects with an emphasis on hards-on, circuit bending, retro synths and Raspberry PI projects.

Hand Made Zines and Art Journaling

Sharing how to create one page mini zines using art journaling and mixed media techniques. The zines are so small they can be made with very few supplies and in just a small amount of time. Suitable for anyone of any skill level

The Dark Tent

A dark tent to showcase LED, laser and light-effect projects.

DIY 3d Printer

Home made 3d printer

Anyone 4 Science

We would like to provide hands-on workshops where primary school age children could come along on a drop in basis and make a model which they would take away with them. Our main objective is to make people aware of Anyone 4 Science and our activities and for them to see at first hand the type of activities we do and our emphasis on making.
At the stand we would make simple kites and also make slime. We would demonstrate other science experiments and principles.


 I invent games and puzzles!  Come and play Tara, the game of ringforts and Celtic knots – the winner of Games Magazine 100 in the USA.  Also, showing for the very first time my newest puzzle/game Newgrange, inspired by the magical and beautiful triskele.  I have a few more brainteasers too.  I really enjoy deconstructing Celtic artwork and putting it back together so that anybody can get immense pleasure and satisfaction with it.

SWICN Clubhouse

Showcasing and demonstrating maker projects developed by members of the Clubhouse. As part of the exhibit the young people from the Clubhouse will run mini workshops for other young people visiting the event to participate in.

Ciarbear Art and Cosplay

Foam armour and costumes, sculpted and painted to replicated battle worn materials

Abhishka’s Creative World

We are a bunch of creative people who like to work with anything that we can lay our hands on. Paper becomes paper dolls or airplanes, cardboard become boomerangs, CDs become suncatchers, bracelets become dreamcatchers, beer bottles become painted candle stands, stones become little monsters and ladybirds, toilet paper rolls become dolls and puppets.  We also make silk thread jewelry, make multi-material art to display and work with clay.  Come and visit us to see how you can make something out of everything that you thought of throwing away! We will give you art ideas to keep yourself and little hands busy with simple and fun things to do with things you have at home.


With growing urbanisation, space is at a premium and homes need to get more efficient. I am making a piece of furniture that can convert a bedroom into a dining room or home theatre at the click of one button.
The project has been in flux for 4 years now! However, I’m getting to a point where showing it off would be very exciting, especially because I want to get some feedback. My intention eventually is to make this an open source design!


Combined youth projects

Mixedia Media Knitting and Crochet

The process and end result of knitted yoga socks, blankets and wire crochet jewellery

Dolls and stuff

Every single thing is unique, handmade from scratches.

Makey Makey

Using makey makey

4LOX evolution & dSign

The evolution of a design for a wooden sawhorse which evolved into a sandwich board and other things that I made in my shed eg log box, Catsle ( cat castle ) skateboard side table, birch candle holders etc.


A 10×10 matrix of Soviet IV11 VFD tubes

Hatala Mosaics

All of my work is about using discarded materials such as broken glass, tiles, eggshell, newspapers. I believe crafting is good for the soul and using discarded materials is great for the planet. Why don’t we connect these two things together and think about trash as treasure. Save the environment and your money and create unique and useful things from rubbish. Upcycling is our future.

Clayotic, all but Chaotic!

We make cake-toppers for weddings, christenings and birthdays! We also sell our clay to people that wish to make their own models

Galaxies Stone

I want to create interest in the field of Galaxies by colouring different shapes of galaxies, constellation , planets or stars on the stones . Hope all kids as well adults enjoy to make galaxy stone through this workshop. Please bring along your own stone to paint.


Hand sculpted and hand painted clay sculptures and cake toppers.

Strings and Things Puppets

I have a busking act comprising of a Clown performing on a classical piano and a classical violinist.

So Fly – Explorium

The theme of the Explorium stand at the Dublin Maker Festival is circuits. We will have a paper circuit maker station with homemade conductive ink, LEDs, batteries, paperclips, copper tape and everything you need to make paper circuits. We’ll also bring our crazy electric dinner set for 2 so you can see how conductive your lunch is. We’ll have apples and oranges to compare as well as potatoes, tomatoes, spaghetti and bananas. You can even test your own lunch if you like.


We are a company that teaches to code by controlling real life robots. We will allow attendees to remotely control robots located in our office space in Glasnevin, Dublin as well as control a robot which we will bring with us to the Festival. We will also allow people to trial our beta software platform for free!