Robogeddon is The Ultimate Robotic Combat Experience. This is an exciting new spectator and player event! Robot Wars style entertainment for all ages Four people can play at the same time Each game lasts from 2 to 4 minutes No experience necessary – great fun for all ages, spectators and players! Robots are easy to control and impressive Awesome sound system that adds to the experience Robots can flip other bots and right themselves if flipped.

Physics Busking

Be amazed by demonstrations of Archimedes’s Law of Forces shown through tug of war, Bernoulli’s Law for Fluid Flow with giant windbags, Faraday’s Law of Induction shown with a simple motor, a vortex blower, musical straws, windmills, rockets, and much, much more! Drop by and learn how to make many experiments for you to take home.
We aim to entertain.
Audience participation is essential!


AL-1X, or Alix as he likes to be called, is the Artificial Lifeform 1st eXperiment. Alix is a fully interactive humanoid talking robot. With his funny and friendly personality, Alix is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages. Standing over 6 feet tall and fully mobile, Alix is the perfect guest at any event. With his ability to interact with guests, tell jokes, and engage in conversations, Alix is sure to be the life of the party. Alix is more than just a robot. He’s a fully realized character with his own unique personality and sense of humor. Whether he’s cracking jokes, telling stories, or simply engaging in conversation, Alix is sure to keep guests entertained and engaged. But what really sets Alix apart is his ability to connect with people on a personal level. As a fully interactive humanoid robot, Alix is able to understand and respond to human emotions, making him the perfect companion for those who might be feeling a bit shy or nervous. With his friendly demeanour and approachable personality, Alix is the perfect icebreaker for any event.

Sandia Dublin Handmade Jewellery

Irish made award winning brand. Extremely lightweight jewellery made of expanded rubber, wood and metals.

RC CNC Machine – Prof. Potter

I made a Mostly Printed CNC for carving wood and other things. I also designed a wireless remote control for it. I will have attendees try to draw with the machine using the remote control, and learn about CNC and electronics in the process.

TOG Hackerspace – Repair Cafe

We are running a repair café – a community gathering place where people can bring their broken items, such as appliances, clothing, bicycles, or electronics, to be repaired by skilled volunteers for free. The idea behind repair cafes is to promote sustainability and reduce waste by encouraging people to repair and reuse their belongings instead of throwing them away. We regularly run a repair café in our own space in Bluebell, and we want to bring it to Dublin Maker to teach people about repair and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

We will also show off some other projects that our members have made – for example, we are planning to have a hot air balloon, a light-up sculpture visualising network traffic, interactive games for visitors…

STEAM Carrot

MAkey Makey large piano to dance on.

Current Chemistry Investigators

Current Chemistry Investigators (CCI) is an informal education and public engagement project aimed at sparking conversations with schools and community groups about the science of energy storage!

Aran Knitting by Ryan Koenig Studio

Observe traditional aran knitting as the beautiful Irish heritage craft that it is. Ryan is an experienced textile artisan and Aran knitting teacher who offers weekly workshops in Dublin City centre. Feel free to pop by and see first hand this dying craft in action along with the opportunity to ask any questions on Aran knitting history, design process, Irish wool yarn industry, etc.

The Brickxclub

We have tons of Lego bricks for families to get creative with. Tables of minifigures, dinosaurs, horses and accessories. Duplo has to be the best toy for the smallies to build and play with and we have our new giant blocks as well. Our new pixel art will keep adults and children engaged for many hours.

Radio Space

Radio waves surround us and penetrate us, they are the true “Force” that binds us together!
At “Radio Space” we’ll show you how you can have fun with the vast, invisible, radio spectrum that connects our modern world at the speed of light. Whether it’s Smart Phones or Satellites… it’s all Radio!
We amateur radio hobbyists will show you how you can hear, decode and even see all types of strange signals using software-defined radio… even signals from space!
With our special Radio “Force Powers” we’ll also demonstrate live two-way communications with other radio stations all around the world using voice, digital, and even Morse code! Amateur Radio is a fun, social, hobby where you can build your STEM skills and connect with like-minded all over the world… and beyond! Tune into us at Dublin Maker 2023 with South Dublin Radio Club.

Macro Sponsor – RS Ireland

RS is the leading provider of industrial and electronic solutions, been supporting industry in Ireland for over 75 years! A high-service distributor supporting customers with an extensive range of more than 500,000 electronics and industrial products available. RS delivers more than 44,000 parcels a day to over 1 million customers globally, providing a one-stop source for everything engineers need


KIldare based maker space

Irish Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers

Guild members will demonstrate weaving and spinning, with some finished products on display.

Moonlight Candles

Hand made soy candles, wax melts and accessories

Saraden Designs Millinery Atelier

Saraden Designs is a Slow Fashion brand who embrace sustainable practices where possible. We handmake all of our own fabrics in house and everything is designed by owner and head designer Sarah O’ Rourke in her studio in Co. Meath. We will have a selection of our designs on show at the Dublin Maker 2023


I am the founder of Clayotic the first Irish brand of modelling clay.At my stand I will do demonstrations on how to make characters from Clayotic along with selling clayotic kits.

Wool Wonders: From Fluff to Fascination!

Discover the enchantment of wool at “Wool Wonders: From Fluff to Fascination!” Discover the magic of felt as fluffy wool fiber, soapy water, and a little agitation combine to create exceptional non-woven fabric. Marvel at the whimsical wet-felted hats made of Merino and Irish-raised wool by maker Juliane Gorman. Experience the joy of getting your hands wet and letting your creativity soar when you craft your own felted mossy ‘stone’ ornament!

Coffee Pods Second Life

Turning used coffee pods into jewellery, gifts, ornaments

Dandot3d, The 3D Printing Witch

I gave away over a thousand tiny 3D prints at 2 festivals this summer. Resin 3D prints, and small FDM models too. It wasn’t expensive since I made everything tiny but the amount of joy it was able to spread was unreal. I brand myself as dandot3d, the 3D printing witch because I am not business orientated and really just want to work in order to share the hobby around to people who can’t afford to access it. So, I would go around your event with a backpack display (I had Gandalf and a tiny museum on my back at Otherside), and give away articulated toys to kids and detailed figurines to adults as free 3D printed gifts. I’d also talk about 3D printing a lot.

SM Resin Designs

Irish Timber and Epoxy Resin. SM Resin Designs makes Coffee Tables, Chopping Boards, Clocks, Coasters and Jewellery. All handmade with love to brighten your day and home.

Cons Creations Felting

Demonstrating how to sculpt through felt making. A 3D feltmaker and make all kinds of animals from sheep’s wool.

Kinia Lab

Come along to the Kinia Lab to try out some creative technology activities from our educator training modules including renewable technologies, robotics, podcasting and more!

PrintLab at the National Print Museum

PrintLab provides a unique, inclusive and creative space at the National Print Museum for children and families to participate in hands-on workshops, which aim to provide them with an understanding of the historical, social and contemporary relevance of letterpress printing as a tool for communication. Taking inspiration from the tinkering and making culture, PrintLab offers a series of ‘fablab’ style workshops, which encourage children to explore individual and communal approaches to design thinking through letterpress printing. Our space will feature workshops for families and children aged from 4-12 years (all ages are welcome!) which aim to enhance children’s learning experience and introduce the craft of letterpress to a new generation. At this year’s Dublin Maker we look forward to bringing along our ever popular Lego printing workshop, the P22 modular printing blocks, along with some traditional letterpress type and a printing press.

DiP Begin Become Be U!

We are exhibiting handcrafts made by young entrepreneurs from refugee and migrant backgrounds. This includes a demonstration on how to make Ukraine’s traditional flower crowns, handmade dresses, special crotchet, hair & beauty styles (including hair braiding)

Innovation Academy Makers Space

At the UCD Innovation Academy, we help people from all walks of life to transform their mindset through experiential learning. Visit our booth, where we demonstrate how 3D printing and other MakerSpace technologies are changing how we approach complex problems. Join us in our newest Sustainability journey, and dream about our new “Sustainability Village” as it begins to take shape.


Robo-Trail is a pathfinding puzzle that will get you on your feet to craft winding paths to navigate our unyielding robot through obstacle-ridden course through to the finish line. Prepare for maze-making madness in this path-building challenge by unleashing your inner “Robot Whisperer”. A STEM Ensemble project.

AI Robot Storyteller

Would you like to “meet” a GPT-enabled AI in person? STEM Ensemble will give you a chance to do just that. Come to the library at Richmond Barracks during Dublin Maker and create a 200 words story. Our AI-bot story teller will tell your story. It will then tell its own version of your story using GPT.

Font Foundry / FrankenFont

Font Foundry lets you design your own custom font. Draw some example alphabet letters on paper and then Font Foundry transforms your design into a complete set of characters – your very own custom font! You will receive a printout of your complete font with a web link to download the font file so that you can use it happily ever after for all your most important documents. A STEM Ensemble project.

Educational S.T.E.A.M. Workshops

We will be showcasing a wide variety of educational Maker-led, S.T.E.A.M. workshops throughout the day – a veritable “best of the best” as well as games and hands-on activities for all ages!

I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

I-Form is a world-leading Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, and is funded under the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Centres programme. Advanced manufacturing is changing how things are made, through digital technologies such as 3D printing, data analytics and artificial intelligence. Visit the I-Form demo area to see a sneak preview of the next industrial revolution in action, and to meet the engineers who are using 3D printing to make it happen! We will have I-Form researchers present at the stand, and you can chat to them about their groundbreaking research in advanced manufacturing. We will have several 3D printers in operation, so people can see up close how they create amazing objects layer by layer! We will also have a variety of 3D printed samples on display, to demonstrate the wide range of applications for 3D printed parts – from medical devices to aerospace applications, and much more.

Amateur Radio Home Construction Projects

A display of my many home constructed amateur radio projects. I have been constructing radio and electronic equipment now for over 60 years. Among those on display will be transmitters, receivers, morse code equipment and many accessories.I have been a radio amateur for over 40 years with the call-sign EI5EM. Some of my homemade projects can be viewed on my YouTube channel

Irish Wool exhibit and feltwork by Annika Bergflund

Felt work by Annika Berglund and promoting a new book about Irish felt and demonstrating feltmaking techniques

LoRaWAN Capability Demo

Demo the capabilities of IoT by using an experimental solar + battery powered LoRaWAN weather station + tracker + messenger all-in-one device.


We’re a group of scientist-makers from UCD with a passion for making the tools for exploring the world around us accessible to all. We’ll showcase some of the things we’ve built to let us see the unseen, from 3D printed models of hidden human anatomy, lasers to see your own voice, and tools to see the hidden microplastics in the seas around us.

In particular, we love building microscopes. There’s something quite spectacular about how microscopes can reveal the details of a sample that you never would have seen otherwise! We’ll be showcasing (and explaining how to make) some of the simple scientific tools and microscopes we’ve developed, and how to use them to answer questions about microplastic pollution, animal behaviour, or anything else you find interesting!

Open Mobile Fablab

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of innovation and imagination? Join us at the Mobile FabLab Exhibition, the most captivating showcase at this year’s Dublin Maker! 🎉

Step inside our cutting-edge mobile laboratory on wheels and dive into a world of endless possibilities! The Creative Spark Mobile FabLab is a revolutionary space that fuses technology, art, and hands-on learning. From 3D printing and laser cutting to robotics and electronics, it’s an interactive playground for all ages. Discover the magic of turning ideas into tangible creations with our state-of-the-art tools and guidance from expert mentors. Get your hands on the latest gadgets, gizmos, and tinkering essentials. Whether you’re a hobbyist, educator, or industry professional, our showcase will connect you with the right tools and like-minded individuals. Network, collaborate, and be part of the global maker community!

Coding with Pytch on Raspberry Pi

Pytch is a free coding platform made by TCD and TU Dublin. It’s designed to make it easier and more fun to get into coding with Python. Pytch works with all kinds of computers but lately we’ve been having fun combining it with a Raspberry Pi interface with circuits and make controllers for games. For Dublin Maker 2023 we’re excited to showcase some of the things we’ve built and let visitors play with them and code and build their own games.

STEAM Academy

Steam Academy offers educational programs and exhibitions showcasing robots of varying levels of learning, from observation to programming and control. Our goal is to create interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) projects and offer unique exhibitions where attendees can program and control robots they could build in our courses. Additionally, we provide engaging, hands-on, and fun educational experiences that prepare students of all ages for success in today’s personal lives.

Wood Relief Carving

Wood relief carving, mostly of old Irish coins

The Peoples Shed

A group from Dublin 8 meet weekly to share skills and local knowledge at The People’s Shed. This group have shared different processes of textile based skills. We will have blankets that the group are currently working on on display and the process of how it is made and how you can do it.