20 Jul 2014

Meet the Maker – Makeshop



Make Shop is a collaborative workshop space where you can learn everything from electronics to DIY robotics, from origami to sewing. It’s for everyone from novices to advanced makers for kids and grown up kids alike – the only thing you need to get involved is a curious mind and a yearning to make stuff! We’ll be presenting a taster of the awesome electronic projects that people can create in our workshop. We’ll have the mini optical theremin; a tiny, light-sensitive version of the famous science fiction B-movie instrument. We’ll also have the Drawdio, a pencil that lets you play your drawings, brought to you by the creator of the Makey Makey. We’ll also be showcasing our Raspberry Pi running a retro console emulator, with the Makey Makey itself as a controller. Guide Pacman around his maze by touching a variety of fruit! You’ll also have the opportunity to learn to solder and create your own LED torch!
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