13 Jul 2018



Med3DP is an initiative driven by Masters students studying Bioengineering in Trinity College Dublin. This enterprise has which has been running for 3 years and has produced many viable medical devices. A humanitarian effort at its core, Med3DP strives to design simple medical devices that meet a clinical need in a new and innovative way which can be made by anyone around the world who has access to a 3D printer. The designs can be downloaded from med3dp.com free of charge. Some of the available designs include finger splints, laryngoscope and a breast pump.

The students involved are being trained to enter the medical device industry and the concept of Med3DP allows an introduction to a new and multidisciplinary approach to medical device design. The current teams are designing 3D printed medical devices to be used in third world countries and zones with medical supply shortages. Additionally, they have been designing devices to provide more affordable solutions for the citizens of Ireland.

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