08 Jul 2019


Med3DP is an initiative to develop on-demand medical devices for humanitarian healthcare using 3D printing technology. Med3DP currently hosts a wide range of projects complete with ready-to-print files, documentation and other helpful information. This initiative is in association with Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. Each year a talented group of students in the Master’s of Bioengineering program take initiative and brainstorm, prototype, and develop 3D printable medical devices.

We are building a digital library of low-cost medical equipment available for download for unlimited humanitarian use. Our goal is to make sustainable, valuable solutions in order to deliver healthcare in the most challenging situations to those who need it the most. We aim to keep the public informed on our ongoing progress and participate in outreach activities to peak interest in STEM fields. That’s why we are exhibiting at Dublin Maker! We hope to see you the 20th of July in Merrion Square. Feel free to have a look at our updated website (https://www.med3dp.com/). We are always looking for new projects to take on, so please contact us (https://www.med3dp.com/hire-us) with any of your ideas! 

The Med3DP-team – 2019

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