21 Jul 2017

Meet the Maker – Arckit


We’ve pushed the working model further than we ever thought possible. As an architect, I wanted to create an architectural model system for the 21st century. It needed to be modular, cost-effective and incredibly easy to use. In an increasingly digital world, there was nothing even remotely like this for physically communicating ideas to clients and aiding the collaborative design process. Arckit was the first of its kind in this regard.

Arckit won award after award and the system soon migrated into the mainstream model community and then into the classroom where it is used to teach architecture, design and STEAM skills.We have developed a world class education programme for secondary level schools and  particularly geared towards  transition Year.  Today Arckit is being used more and more within schools, after-school programmes and summer camps around the world. (we are very eager to bring Arckit into more classrooms around Ireland so please get in touch) There is no barrier to entry; literally anyone can use Arckit and experience what it’s like to be an architect. It gives makers of all ages a voice and a way to spontaneously express their creativity.

Off the back of this success, we successfully Kickstarted our new Cityscape and Masterplan series to raise the funds we needed to make them a reality. We’re delighted to announce that they will be available this Autumn. These new kits take architecture and urban design to a whole new level, allowing anyone to instantly create miniature city layouts. Sets come with illustrative graphic stickers and iconic architectural forms. We are also developing new education programmes for our Cityscape and Masterplan ranges for children as young as 5 years of age.

We’re incredibly excited about seeing these new kits become a reality, and we can’t wait to showcase some of our new components for the very first time at  Dublin Maker 2017. As an Irish company, this is our home turf and we couldn’t be more thrilled to attend such a vibrant event for the second year running. Come along to our stand and bring out your inner architect!

Damien, Founder and CEO of Arckit.

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