20 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – Arckit

Meet the Maker – Arckit

As an architect, I’ve always valued the ‘working model’ as a way to explore ideas and communicate these to clients. However, in recent years it has become more difficult to use this traditional method of design due to time and cost restraints. That’s when I began working on an idea for a freeform interconnecting modular system of ‘click together’ components for professional use.

To my surprise there was nothing else out there that was advanced enough to give the flexibility and scope to make realistic scaled architectural models, so Arckit is the first of its kind in this regard. It’s a fast, flexible and reusable system based on a real modular building concept that I developed to enable vast building possibilities.


An important consideration during Arckit’s development was that we wanted it to enhance digital design software rather than replace it. So we created digital versions of Arckit components within SketchUp and Revit that allow users to seamlessly move between physical and digital design when working on projects – whether they are in the office, classroom or at home. At the moment we’re putting most of our efforts into launching a new series of Arckit sets that will be available later this year.

These are second editions of our original model sets, offering a greater range of components and design possibilities. To build on our reputation as a popular STEM product for adults and children, we are also developing Arckit Education Programmes for schools and community projects that teach people about spatial design while opening up the joy of architecture through the use of Arckit.


We also have lots of other announcements coming up. Arckit is literally the first real evolution of the architect’s scaled working model and we will constantly strive to make it as good as it can be. For this reason we really value all ideas from our Arckit community. Next up we’re preparing to unveil an online Shapeways store where users can order bespoke 3D printed Arckit components that integrate with their existing Arckit range to open up limitless potential.


We’re really looking forward to attending Dublin Maker 2016 on home turf, where you can come to learn more about Arckit and unleash your inner architect.

Hope to see you there.

Damien Murtagh

Founder CEO

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