26 Jun 2017

Meet the Maker – The Brickx Club

BRICKXOLOGY by the Brickx Club

Creativity and innovation and fun! We are going around the country with a van full of Lego® Bricks doing brick building workshops for children of all ages and abilities. Adults can join in too.  We have themes and challenges to suit all ages and hundreds of minifigs to create your own heroes. Develop your brick building skill- make up your own story-build your dream home-go to space in your own invention- build your future city. There is an endless list of ideas!


The Brickx Club is a creative brick building and social activity club for girls and boys.  The Brickx Club has been developed to help your child get a good start in learning through FUN!

Our aims are:

  • Developing the imagination. Creativity. Social Skills.
  • Putting ideas into reality. Achievement.
  • Problem Solving. Sharing. Turn-Taking.
  • Teamwork. Sociability. Self-esteem.
  • Learning to follow instructions.
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