11 Jul 2017

Meet the Maker – Maynooth University Makers Club

Maynooth University Makers Club

Maynooth University Maker Club is proud to participate at Dublin Maker Festival with a bunch of demonstrations of robotics and brain computer interfaces.

With 4 international teams from “Mines Alès” engineer school and Montpellier University (France), Nancy-Loraine University (France) and Yasar University (Turkey) will show you how to manipulate robots from brain and body devices.

Help a robot to move into a maze with your brain alpha waves and generate sounds and music. Discover how to control a small Finch Robot with a Nintendo balance board. Create a magical potion by the combination of brain level of meditation, a pinch of body sensor on your arm and a measure of skin conductivity to create a unique recipe. At the end, try to control a drawing robot from your mind to let it create an artistic representation of yours thoughts.

Members of teams will explain the integration of brain-computer interfaces with specific electronics made by themselves from Arduino components and software development to link peripherals to receive, manipulate and send back refined data.

Teams members from left to right: Mert, Nicolas, Claire, Lucie, Andreas, Pierre, Thomas, Pierre J.

Off: Gérard and Tomás

Teams members want to sincerely thank Gérard Dray from “Mines Alès” and Tomás Ward from NUIM for help and coordination of the project.

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