11 Jul 2016

Meet the Maker – PaperPetShop


My name is Brian Mc Swiney and I am the founder of PaperPetShop. I will be displaying some of the latest paper pet creations at DublinMaker 2016. My background is in engineering and I am primarily focused on design and inventing, as this is where my passion lies. I am a maker but I have always acutely aware of the costs of fabrication when based in a rural setting in West Cork. As an educator I enjoy introducing kids to science and engineering and I have hosted a number of maker workshops, for groups of children. My material choices have gradually changing over the last few years to finally arrive at the readily available, reusable and recyclable “Paper”. This for me democratises the art of making, allowing the potential for the greatest of reaches, in the paper crafting of pets.


The paper pet templates created act as an instruction that will take the crafter on a journey from a 2 dimensional plane, to a 3 dimensional modelling space. This happens every day on peoples computer screens but I believe the real learning is when one creates a tangible item before their own eyes, with their own crafting hands. I have made the papercrafting models enjoyably challenging, at approximately 200 polygons on each paper pet. I feel that this challenge gives one the right amount of time to connect with the paper pet they are crafting.
I have a lot of in the pipeline for the coming months and I will try keep you up to date with new developments. For further updates follow my blog.

wolf  owl

deer  monkey

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