17 Jul 2017

Meet the Maker – Physics Busking

Physics Busking

We are a gang of physicists, teachers and researchers whose mission is to bring science to the public through interactive activities and demos. Physics Busking is organised by Castel DCU and the Institute of Physics, and supported by Science Foundation Ireland. Join our ” Make-N-Take ” to make all kinds of fun scientific stuff.

Physics Busking, is a national initiative to promote the awareness and engagement of the Irish public with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Our “busking performances” involve interactive experiments and demonstrations selected for maximum engagement, excitement and education.

We’re a diverse group really, from experienced science teachers to entrepreneurial researchers, but one thing that binds us is our passion for science and the want to share this passion with others. By focusing this ambition into a project such as Physics Busking, it has allowed us to be proactive in creating ways to engage and share this enthusiasm and excitement about science with others… and you!

The concept of “Physics Busking” or even “Busking Physics” was established in Ireland in 2005 by the Irish Science on Stage team through a collaboration between the Institute of Physics in Ireland and CASTeL at Dublin City University. Our growth has been organic over the passing years so that we can maintain our focus on promoting science and increasing public engagement in science.

Our “Busking Performances” involve interactive experiments and demonstrations aimed at engaging the general public. Based on the traditional stall-type mode of busking (street entertainment), our performances can be tailored to suit almost any event. Whether it’s a large team or a few individuals, short snappy interactions or extended drop-by performances, we are open to finding a solution that will enhance the enjoyment, entertainment, even educational aspects of your event.

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