20 Jul 2017

Meet the Maker – TOG Hackerspace


TOG Hackerspace is a non-profit maker-space based in Dublin 8.  We are a community of makers interested in science, technology, engineering, modern culture, and creative arts. TOG provides a collaborative space for learning by doing.

For Dublin Maker, we have built a wide range of projects and they will have something fun for everyone.  The Duck Shooting Gallery was made in the workshop using a Laser Cutter and Band Saw.  There will be a time machine giving visitors a glimpse into their dark future.  There will be a duck fishing game as well as a buzzer game.  Some other great projects will also be on display.


We host regular free open nights for people interested in electronics, CAD, coding, lock-picking and crafts. There is also a monthly social evening.  TOG has a shared workshop full of tools and equipment to allow the community to make awesome things.

TOG is a great place to learn and get inspired for any type of creative projects you want to undertake, so drop into one of their open nights.  Visit www.tog.ie for events and updates and don’t forget to follow on Twitter @tog_dublin, Facebook and Reddit.

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