19 Jul 2013

Meet the Maker: Donnacha Cahill

Donnacha Cahill is a sculptor from  Athenry in Co Galway who specialises  in metal. He will be giving a demo working with hot metal using a forge at this years Maker Faire.
By nature I like to make things. I don’t know why, life would be a lot easier and straight forward if I didn’t but I’m obsessed with making objects, whether they be abstract or representational. My art college lecturer once said to me it’s about leaving your mark. You could ask any dog on the street about this and he will tell you the same thing. Artists talk about mark making, I believe everybody achieves this in life, from someone driving a digger to an engineer planning a complicated structure; we all contribute in some way or other and leave reminders of what we did, no matter how insignificant. I’m armed with a welder, an iron worker, an anvil and lots of other things that create sparks and fire. This is how I make my mark that makes me who I am. I think a lot of my work is made subconsciously. Some things I can explain, some things I can’t. The object is how I communicate who I am, what I see, what interests me, what mood I’m in, and if I’m able to communicate this to other people, I feel a huge sense of satisfaction.
Donnacha Cahill

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