18 Jul 2013

Meet the Maker: Fabri-con

Fabri-con created by 3DDave at the start of 2013, Fbari-con is a group of people who own 3D printers or are interested in 3d printing. Every 3 month there is a meetup and the people bring their printers along to chat and show off their printers aswell as if there people who are having problems with their printer other members can help try and work out the bugs. Here are a few people that will be in Fabri-con demoing there printers and talking about what they do with them.

Michal Miszta
Architect, model maker, sculptor and customizer. His custom handmade models and figures can be seen on http://themodelmaker.net website. Now he is entering the world of animatronics with the help of his new tool – homemade 3d printer – Printrbot. Few prototype parts of his newly started project – robotic dragon inspired by “Game of Thrones” TV series will be shown in the Fabrication tent in 3d printers area. This project is at early stage and will be documented on new blog: http://makedragons.com

Gerard from IT Tallaght

We’ll be demonstrating the new Reprap built by students at  ITT Dublin and showing off biomedical parts built by our SLS system. We’ll also be going through the stories associated with each part. The shattered pelvis, the twisted spine, the new hip.Gerry Ryder will be demonstrating a new project for first year engineering students Evolutionary Bristle Bots. This will pitch students against each other in a competition to evolve a bristlebot to achieve different ‘Olympic’ events.

Shane Fitzpatrick
I will be showing off the Reprap Prusa talking about his own instruction he has made to put the Reprap Prusa together and talking about building the Mendel90.  I’ll have some printed parts for it by then.

I will be talking about all things 3d printing and demoing the ultimakers pop over and say Hi.


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