11 Jul 2012

Meet the Maker: Hooked

Carolyn Rutherford presents ‘Hooked,’ a crochet collection and workshop that will inspire the granny in you!

Learn how to crochet at this wooly wonder workshop. Enter the ‘How Hot is Your Pot’ tea cosy design competition for the opportunity to win a Le Crousset Pot and to work with Hooked to crochet your unique design to life! Or why not learn how to make your own square and donate it to ‘Project Squared’ a giant patchwork blanket that will be donated to charity.

Click here for the ‘How Hot is Your Pot’ design entry form!

If that doesn’t tickle the granny in you then why not dabble in some yarnbombing? Check out some street art crochet designs and brainstorm for ‘Get Your Knits Out’, a project that endeavors to spread crochet beyond your lap to your room, house, office, school, community- wherever your stitches take you!


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