26 Jul 2013

Most Interesting Tent

We are creating a forum for makers so they can give ten minute talks or performances  celebrating making in all its forms. We call it the Most Interesting.   No tickets needed just drop by the tent and absorb inspiration.  Timetable below.


12:00:00David McKeown/ Mick DoneganMIDI Irish Dancing Shoes
12:30:00Joseph RocheA Rubbish Talk
12:45:00Kate DalyFab all things
13:00:00Ed DevaneEd and his instruments
13:30:00Tara WhelanDigital Fab For Your Mam
13:45:00Triona O’ConnellChocolate mayo demo
14:00:00Jennifer KellyMATHS & GAMES
14:30:00Andrew HealyStitch’n’Glitch
14:45:00Paul NugentThe Institute of Physics Demos
15:00:00Dave HeadFabri-con
15:30:00Sinead Williamson & Ekaterina SleptsovaKitchen Sink Physics
15:45:00Christian KortenhorseMaking things with fire
16:00:00Padraic Ó ConghaileHomebrewing In Ireland
16:30:00Robin PriceThe Wisdom of Crowds – Crowd sourced algorithmic dance music using custom hardware’



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