19 Jul 2019

Periodic Maze

Writing about an escape room defeats the whole purpose of designing an escape room. There is no mystery if you release the secrets into the dark of the wild web. Instead, in celebration of the fact the modern periodic table is 150 years old this year, we have created a mini-puzzle especially for you dedicated Dublin Maker Fans who have read this.

There is a secret phrase hidden in the paragraph below, so if you can crack it, whisper it to one of the team on the Periodic Maze stand at Dublin Maker and you’ll get a bonus prize! The periodic table is the chemist’s alphabEt and one of the most recognised forms in the world. The rows and columns contaiN an incredible amount of information, Both in terms of the elements present and the order in which they are arranged.

It is amazing to think that it is only 150 years Old but it now defines so much of chemistry and other sciences. The curious thing is that it might seem like it is finishEd at this point, but in fact it continues to be hotly debated as scientists debate the form and shape and element hunters around the world seek to add the next element throuGh elaborate eXperiments involving particle accelerators and international collaborations.

Seems like as good a Reason as any to have a party for it at Dublin Maker, no?

Dr. Claire Murray and Dr. Matthew Dunstan

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