17 Jul 2019

Precious Plastic Dublin

Precious Plastic is an initiative that was started in the Netherlands in 2013 by Dave Hakkens, with the goal of empowering people to turn everyday plastic waste into valuable products. This has been achieved by making designs for various recycling machines available on an “open source” basis, alongside a supportive online community of makers. Today,  Precious Plastic groups have become established all over the world.

We all know about the scourge of waste plastic and the environmental damage caused, yet many people don’t know the full story of plastic recycling in Ireland, or what they can practically do about it. For example, which plastics can be (economically) recycled, which get dumped or incinerated and what resources are used to ship plastic waste to the point of recycling?

Precious Plastic Dublin is a volunteer collective working on practical solutions to plastic waste and pollution in Dublin. As part of the ‘Precious Plastic’ global movement, we aim to bring plastic recycling closer to the local community, enabling the public to transform their own plastic waste, while demonstrating the potential value of plastic waste.

Our aim is to establish a Precious Plastic workshop in Dublin and to make it accessible to the local community, to educate people regarding how plastics can be recycled and to facilitate and inspire them to make their own valuable products from recycled plastics.

Come and meet us as the Dublin Maker event on Saturday 20th July 2019 in Merrion Square, from 10am to 6pm, to learn more about what we’re doing and the exciting possibilities for plastic recycling in Dublin.

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