23 Jul 2014

Meet the Maker – RevBio

Revolution Bioengineering was started to make biotechnology beautiful.  We are plant scientists fascinated by biotechnology, but we know that it can be intimidating and difficult to understand. What if you had your very own piece of biotechnology that you could care for and grow?

We’re developing flowers that change color throughout the day, from red to blue and back again.  It’s biotechnology made with you in mind – it’s not food, it doesn’t produce a pesticide, and it’s made by two independent scientists.  This infographic explains the science behind the idea.  We’re going to use only existing plant parts: naturally occurring pigment molecules in the petal, and the same type of genetic machinery that plants use to produce proteins for photosynthesis when the sun comes up. The color changing flowers will be a demonstration of the potential of biotechnology to make new and beautiful things.

The prototype is under development, but will be able to share the science with you at DublinMaker.  The plant pigment molecules are very sensitive to their environment, and by changing the environment we can change their color. Here’s a demonstration of this phenomenon using a color-changing drink – take a look!

The color-changing flower is part of a new movement that brings together art and biotechnology to create new and beautiful things.  We want this creative process to be a collaboration, so please get involved and start discussions with us on facebook and twitter.  We’re looking forward to exploring this new frontier with you.

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