11 Jul 2018

Revived Yarn

Revived Yarn

Revived Yarn is a community project created by Elisabetta Melis in 2018 to support the homeless of Dublin through up-cycling of yarn and social knitting/crochet.

How does this work?

There are hundreds of knitters and crocheters in Dublin, with several groups meeting regularly in town. The average knitter or crocheter will buy yarn very frequently and at the end of each project, either simple or complex, there will always be some leftovers. As they are, leftovers cannot be easily reused due to their short length and diversity, so they end up being kept in a box waiting for an occasion to be used. This is considered to be a waste of material.

For this reason, Revived Yarn encourages to donate leftovers and unused yarn, which are then selected and combined into kits that are given to knitters and crocheters volunteering for the project. We name this up-cycled yarn Revived, and from it we can obtain scarves, hats, gloves, all at zero cost. Every handmade donation is a high quality garment which shows all the love and the support of the volunteer who made it. Through these donations, the community is helping homeless people having a rough time on our streets, by keeping their heart and body warm during the cold months.

This project is also beneficial to its participants: volunteering for charity and making things for others is improves social engagement, brings people together and creates cohesion in the community.

In addition, by giving a new value to leftovers that were once considered just scrap, we are recovering usable materials and contributing to reduce the amount of waste introduced into the environment.

Revived Yarn was winning project at the initiative SOUP Dublin on November 2017 and is actively looking for volunteers. If you want to knit/crochet, donate or just get informed, please get in touch at revivedyarn@gmail.com!


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  1. Patrizia June 19, 2019 at 1:19 am - Reply

    Hi I just got an ashford loom, I am learning to load it, then plan to use it to make things like small blankets or shawls, I need to get some wool donated, when I make something, either crocheting it or making it on a loom, then give it to charity, once made. Wool isdear, im not working. Can you help, I live in newbridge.
    Thanksif you can help.

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