23 Jul 2014

Meet the Maker – South East Maker Space

South East Maker Space

The South East Makerspace is a social group of like minded people based in the South East of   Ireland dedicated to providing a communal space for club members and their guests to create   new projects based on technology, art, multimedia, electronics, engineering and science.

Formed by a core group of 14 members, and running since April 2013, SEMS meet in their   Waterford base once a month for informative talks which allow Makers to share their knowledge   and experience with other SEMS members and the general public. SEMS also open their doors   every Tuesday to run Mad Maker sessions.

The type of creative projects on display turning the Dublin Maker event include the :

● Interactive Red Phone project

● Driving a Sphero Robot with Node js

● Pinhole Photography

● High Altitude Adventures

● Solar power and its ups and downs

Participating in Dublin Maker 2014 is a huge achievement for SEMS, which along with being   a promotional opportunity it allows us to foster the idea of knowledge sharing and continued   education within the South East community, and helping us to find new like minded members.

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