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14 Jul 2019

Tog Hackerspace

10 years ago a group of people interested in information security met in a pub. They believed Dublin needed a place to collaborate, work on code, make projects and meet like-minded people and generally be creative. Tog was born, from the Irish word tóg (to make) the group rented a small office in Smithfield and the Hackerspace was born.

Filming in Tog

Tog solves the problem in our city of people having nowhere to be creative and follow their hobby of making physical projects. It provides a shared workshop and access to fabrication facilities that would be out of reach of individuals but made possible by people pooling resources.

Now Tog has grown to over 90 members who volunteer to provide free events for the public in everything from coding to electronic music and electronics to Wikipedia editing and film making. We link up with external groups to facilitate meetings. Through this, we have provided a venue for Open Street Maps Ireland, Wikimedia Ireland, Science Hack Day and many more.

Home made air quality control sensor in Tog

We also take part in Science Week, Engineers Week and Culture Night.
Science outreach is important to our members and we bring our making skills to public events to help bring science alive and spark interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM). We take part in such festivals as Dublin Maker, Coolest Projects, Carnival of Science and the St Patrick’s Festival.

Light and polarisation art workshop using laser cut kits from Tog

At Dublin Maker we will have a range of new projects and old favourites; fully addressable full colour LED cube, polarisation art, DIY Air quality sensors, Handmade boat models and our crowd-pleaser Skull Radio

Handmade pizza oven at Tog